Are Hoverboards Safe For 8 Year Olds? Quick Answer

Let’s examine the dangers and safety issues associated with hoverboards so you can understand how to purchase a decent hoverboard and Are Hoverboards Safe For 8 Year Olds? Accidents sometimes result in bruising, fractures, sprains, and strains, among other injuries. It’s interesting to note that boys are more prone than girls to sustain injuries. Don’t get a hoverboard for a small child. Before getting one, they should ideally be older than 8 years old.

All ages of people may have a lot of fun with hoverboards. However, some parents have grown concerned recently and questioned if a hoverboard was a safe toy for their child.

Are Hoverboards Safe For 8 Year Olds?

Kids adore hoverboards because they offer an exhilarating riding experience. On the other hand, learning more about a product is crucial before exposing your children to it. So, if your children want you to get them a hoverboard, please do.

Hoverboards Safe For 8 Year Olds

You also want to know if a hoverboard is safe for children 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12. Another option is to get them a hoverboard. Before giving the kids a hoverboard, these are the most frequent queries that cross everyone’s mind. So let’s talk about the questions about children and hoverboards.

Children under 13 shouldn’t use the Hoverboard outside. Kids lack decision-making skills and are immature, which raises safety concerns. These two factors are therefore crucial for using a self-balancing electric scooter.

As a result, until the age of 13, hoverboards are not safe for children. Both kids and adults enjoy using hoverboards. Hoverboards are self-balancing vehicles. Thus not everyone should ride one because it might be difficult to operate at first.

Recommended Age To Ride A Hoverboard

While thrilling, hoverboards can sometimes be dangerous. Many professionals advise against letting the kids ride them. They are more vulnerable to injury than adults because of their frail physical makeup and while riding.

Additionally, children have poor decision-making skills and cannot make snap judgments about objects or circumstances. Because of this, several experts advice against having them ride hoverboards.

You must be asking at this point what age is best to use a hoverboard. The recommended Hoverboard riding age is 13 or older. Because kids start becoming mature at that age when they go through puberty.

As a result, they have much stronger physical attributes and can defend themselves when necessary. Teenagers 13 years old or older are advised to use the self-balancing Hoverboard. However, riding outside can be risky for both adults and teenagers. Therefore, it is not advised for kids to use the Hoverboard outside.

Are Hoverboards Dangerous For Kids?

For kids, hoverboards might be risky. They have a lithium-ion battery pack inside, which has a variety of potential causes for fire or explosion. The Consumer Commission received numerous reports of hoverboard explosions and accidents.

Furthermore, children can collide with various objects while using one because their bodies and minds are not developed enough to ride a hoverboard securely. Hoverboards are deemed risky for children because of this.

Can Kids Use A Hoverboard Indoors?

Kids shouldn’t use hoverboards since they can damage themselves and find them difficult to handle. Hoverboarding outside is a contentious subject for both kids and adults. But you must be considering kids having a Hoverboard ride inside. Many parents questioned whether it was okay for their kids to use a hoverboard inside.

They are welcome to ride everywhere, including inside the house. But keep in mind that safety should come first. Before getting on any vehicle, including a hoverboard, you must teach your kids to put on safety equipment.

It is not advised for kids under 40 pounds to ride any electric vehicle indoors or outside. Without a doubt, biking inside a house is safer than riding outside. However, there can be several surfaces within, and your child could hurt themselves going from one surface to another. They should enjoy the ride if they wear protective gear like knee pads, helmets, etc.

How To Choose A Safe Hoverboard For Kids?

Do you want to buy your kids a hoverboard? And you’re wondering how to make a decision based on safety considerations? Children under 13 should not use hoverboards outside, as I mentioned before. However, if your child requests that it ride inside, I can assist you. Below is a list of factors you should consider while purchasing a secure hoverboard for your child.

Wheel Size

The size of the wheels on a hoverboard is the first thing you should consider. Children of various ages can ride on wheels of various sizes. A toddler finds it challenging to control a larger wheeled hoverboard. Smaller-wheeled hoverboards are suitable for children.

Therefore, while purchasing a hoverboard for your kids, always pay attention to the wheel size first. Additionally, manufacturers have created hoverboards tailored for kids of various ages. You may also think about purchasing them.


The Hoverboard’s speed should be another important factor when purchasing one for your kids. Giving your kids a fast hoverboard is like giving the bus driver a fighter jet. Your youngster will find it challenging to utilize, and the Hoverboard’s speed increases the likelihood of your kids hurting themselves. Therefore, think about getting a lower-speed hoverboard so your kids can ride it and learn how to do it securely.

Travel Range

Given that charging a hoverboard multiple times in a single day is quite inconvenient, it should have a good travel range for kids and adults. Therefore, only invest in a hoverboard with a long travel distance for your kids. It will be highly practical for both you and your kids.


The last and most crucial feature to consider when buying a hoverboard is its safety certification. Historically, hoverboards were infamous for having issues with overheating, inadequate battery life, and battery fires. These resulted from the subpar or inexpensive battery quality.

Hoverboards must now pass a safety test, though. Their product must pass numerous safety checks, including charging and battery overheating. Their Hoverboard receives a UL2272 accreditation after passing, indicating that it is believed safe for use.

Therefore, only purchase hoverboards with UL2272 certification. A hoverboard is unsuitable for you or your child if it lacks the certificate. It has the potential to ignite or explode.

Where Can Your Kid Ride A Hoverboard?

Only inside is advised for kids to use hoverboards. They shouldn’t be permitted to ride it on public spaces like sidewalks, roads, parks, or parking lots. If kids are using safety equipment, you can let them bike in your backyard garden.

Your youngster can ride in various indoor locations, including your home’s interior, children’s play areas, and grassy lawns. And when using a self-balancing hoverboard, it is your duty as a parent to watch over your kids.

You can decide that before boarding any vehicle, you must wear a helmet. Your child will gain greater knowledge about driving safety, thanks to this.


Let’s conclude Are Hoverboards Safe For 8 Year Olds? A hoverboard typically takes the shape of a two-wheeled scooter and functions via various sensors built into the motors. These sensors monitor minute body movements, converting them into thrust and general movement. Now that you know what a hoverboard is let’s look at the risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hoverboards Safe For 7-Year-Olds?

Hoverboards with self-balancing technology are not appropriate for 7-year-olds. Their bodies and minds haven’t matured enough to comprehend and operate an e-scooter. I, therefore, do not advise them for your child.

Is Hoverboards Safe For 8-Year-Olds?

It is not advised for 8-year-olds to use a hoverboard by them. However, there are hoverboards for them on the market. Inside their homes, kids can ride them.

Are Hoverboards Safe For 9 Years Olds?

Children under the age of nine cannot ride a hoverboard. However, some manufacturers created unique hoverboards just for children under the age of ten. Children may try riding them, but only while wearing protective gear like knee pads and helmets.

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