DDJ-200 Headphone Cue Not Working

The headphone issues DDJ-200 Headphone Cue Not Working. I am about to discuss is it simple to fix? So, you can resume mixing right away. We use Rekordbox even though it can occasionally be a little erratic. Most Rekordbox users have issues, including channel messes, sound cuts, and headphone delays.

Most of the irritation with the audio not being correctly divided in Rekordbox may be attributed to the Windows drivers for the Realtek audio devices. Remember that an entry-level controller is a USB hub, two audio devices, and a USB class submissive composite device. This automobile is not an electric one.

DDJ-200 Headphone Cue Not Working

Following are the reasons:

  1. It is due to a defective cable.
  2. The sound card does not adequately isolate the channels.
  3. The audio from Rekordbox isn’t being sent correctly.
Why DDJ-200 Headphone Cue Not Working

You will only hear sound from one of the connections when the sound is playing on that side of the audio is correctly isolating for each of the outputs (indicated in the video with the green dot on the speaker).

You may need to attempt this test again with a different device if, during that test, you can hear sound from ONE side playing out both connections. This removes #3 but does not help with #2 or #1. If the same thing occurs on another machine, it may indicate that #1 is the problem.

How To Fix DDJ-RB Headphone Cue Is Not Working?

Given that many DJs use external audio cards, how can the DDJ-RB connection not be supported? I’ve noticed several lost users and cannot contact the pioneer for help. Is that correct?

For your information, I have successfully made the record box function with an external audio card before, but I am unsure how to do it again. Only the producer of the product I purchased responded to my questions and offered assistance with the program I used, which irritated me.

No Sound At All In Headphones

Often when you try to cue one of the songs, it plays on headphones but boosts the level on the speakers. Now what? Does using headphones to listen to music require an external audio device? The issue is that you’re not depressing the headphone cue buttons 99 percent of the time.

Your headphones won’t always be connected to the sound. It should be configured for one of your channels. If you’re using Rekordbox with a DDJ-200 or DDJ-400 and you’re having trouble getting the sound to play over headphones, you should first try the following:

Verify that the headphones are selected as the “Default Communications Device” and that the speakers are the “Default device” in Rekordbox. My headphones only play a sound when I plug them straight into my Mac and turn off PC master out.

When your laptop serves as the sound card, there are times when things go wrong. In that configuration, the controller’s headphone jack is inoperable. You can purchase cables for a low price to connect them directly to your speakers. That will make the sound quality better right away.

Sound In Headphones When You Want It Only Through Speakers

Rarely, if you try to mix tracks while wearing headphones, you’ll hear a loud sound. When you only want to hear the song through the speakers, you’ll also hear it through the headphones. This might be distracting when you’re attempting to prepare the next song.

The cause of my problem, which was the same as yours, was an ASUS audio mixer setting that interfered with Rekordbox. There is a mix knob located above the main phone volume knob. Use that as a cue to rule out at least one potential problem.

Other than those two options, your only option is to unplug your separate sound card and switch your laptop’s audio device to your controller (e.g., DDJ-400). You must then enter the Rekordbox settings to choose where the outputs should be routed.

Both Channels Playing Instead Of One

You should only hear the channel 1 track, for example, if you push the cue button on the headphones for channel 1. Instead, each channel plays one of the two tracks. Additionally, you hear the song through speakers rather than simply headphones. Your sound settings are probably not configured properly.

Verify that the appropriate sound card is selected and that your drivers are up to date. In the Rekordbox audio settings, choose your controller as the audio device. The mix between the master and cue channels is adjusted using the “mixing” knob located below the headphones.

Fix the knob to the left if you need to hear the cue channel. The master will be introduced by the person further to the right (via the speakers).

There should be a small computer symbol towards the top of the Rekordbox that can be used to turn off the music playing through the speakers. You won’t hear anything from the laptop/computer speakers if you toggle it off.

If That Doesn’t Work, Try This (Especially On Mac)

Have you activated the source’s headphone cueing button before viewing it? Are the Rekordbox settings for the master outputs and headphone outputs set to the appropriate options? Make sure the split channels setting are turned on, which looks like one arrow dividing into two and is located in the top right corner of Rekordbox.

When you click it to become blue, this should play two different tunes for both speaker and headphones. Are you utilizing the splitter on your laptop’s output? Avoid using your laptop’s output. Use the DDJ-400’s output.

Some customers could also discover that, for some reason, their laptop isn’t segregating the left and right sounds. When cueing the song, ensure the Cue Mix is full to the left. Play exclusively through the headphones connected to your controller (you may toggle the mix between CUE and master using the knob).

Rekordbox Issues With Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re starting out mixing, the chances are good that you’re utilizing a newer version of Rekordbox with a budget controller like the DDJ-400. When using such kinds of controllers to DJ, it’s possible that Rekordbox won’t recognize your Bluetooth headphones right away.

Even worse, if the Bluetooth speakers are selected as the Audio Output, headphones aren’t even an option for an output channel. Choose your Bluetooth headphones as the main output in your operating system.

Rekordbox’s DDJ-400 should be selected as the primary output, and the [headphones name] “Output audio from computers built-in speakers” option should be selected. Additionally, select MASTER + Bluetooth headphones in Master Out. Make sure the DDJ is equipped with headphones.

Due to the wireless nature of Bluetooth, there is a delay when using Bluetooth headphones. But even when plugged in with a cable, some Bluetooth headphones still experience delays. This is a result of the sound being processed before playing.

There won’t be any lag if you choose your speaker from Rekordbox. However, it will start to create severe lagging whenever you connect to it through another driver to use headphones to hear the cue.


To sum up all info about DDJ-200 Headphone Cue Not Working. You will receive approximately 50ms of delay if you link your controller into an amplifier (such as Sonos), which is necessary for buffering in the Sonos system. It’s tricky.

However, you may try eliminating the delay by connecting headphones to a different computer using 50ms delay plugin software. This would delay your cue by the same amount as the master. A frayed or broken cable, There is insufficient channel isolation from the sound card. Rekordbox isn’t sending the audio properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the DDJ-200, are wireless headphones compatible?

The DDJ-200 may be powered by your current USB power supply or a battery pack using the provided USB cord. Connect the DDJ-200 with Bluetooth and download the free WeDJ app for your phone. Use the provided split cable to connect your speakers and headphones to the phone’s headphone output.

With Air pods, can you DJ?

You’ll need to invest in Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm cable to use the headphones wired if you already have a high-end amp that doesn’t support Bluetooth or AirPlay, or if you want to stretch the cost of the headphones by using them to make music or even DJ.

Can DDJ-200 be used without speakers?

Technically, speakers do not need to be connected to the RCA outputs of a DJ controller to be used. A DJ controller needs to be connected to a laptop using a USB cable. If set up properly, playing music over the laptop speakers is possible.

How are cue DDJ-400 headphones used?

Just return this to its original setting in the Sound Control Panel.