Do You Use Windows Or Mac OS X As OS For Live?

Here we go with today’s topic Do You Use Windows Or Mac OS X As OS For Live? People on both sides of the OS battle are likely unaware of what the other side has to offer, though some of them could be interested in learning more.

In the interest of full transparency, I am primarily a Windows user, like over 80% ( Opens in a new window) of desktop and laptop users But I love my iPhone, and as a software tester, I have a lot of Mac expertise. By no means would I call myself an Apple or Mac hater.

I’ll go over the typical operating system functions, contrasting Microsoft and Apple’s offers along the way, instead of presenting this as a case for one side or the other. Yes, there will be a champion in each category, and we’ll add up the points in the end, but your OS choice involves much more than features, capabilities, and hardware and software support.

It involves your environment (including your smartphone and tablet), your needs as a business owner, your personality, and the technology used by those around you. Whether you prefer Windows or macOS, feel free to share your opinions in the comment box at the end of this post. Tell us why you’ve chosen to join that particular camp.

Do You Use Windows Or Mac OS X As OS For Live?

The Mac Mini M1 is designed for those who stream live content on YouTube, Twitch, or their preferred platform. You probably won’t find a device this powerful, at this affordable, that can easily meet the specialized requirements of live streamers.

Use Windows Or Mac OS X As OS For Live

Pros And Cons Of Both Operating Systems

Threat Increase

The number of threats to Mac OS has significantly increased, and most attacks take the form of malware downloads. Cyber dangers are anticipated to increase more in the future as hostile actors improve their skills at exploiting the Mac OS.

Compared to Macs, Windows PCs are less at risk of being attacked. However, this does not imply that the threat is less present. Unlike Mac OS, Windows users are subject to threats that typically target system flaws without the requirement for downloads.

Frequency Of Updates

Mac OS has a slower track record of resolving cybersecurity vulnerabilities compared to Windows. Since hackers do not target Macs as frequently as Windows, the Mac OS update cycle does not require continual patching. The strongest security defense when utilizing the Windows Operating System is being proactive.

With fewer updates, the Mac OS updates somewhat slowly. Windows, on the other side, finds security updates faster and is more proactive in releasing them. This is because Windows has seen many more attacks than it should have, necessitating ongoing vigilance.

Security Maintenance

Compared to Windows, the Apple OS requires less security upkeep. Due to the far lower prevalence of attacks on Macs, security upkeep is not as urgent as it should be. However, the main reason for this is that fewer Mac computers are in use globally.

However, as the user base grows, so does the threat surface. Because Macs are simpler to use and maintain, non-techies prefer to utilize them. Mac dangers do exist, though, and users sometimes take security for granted, which leaves them more exposed.

Compared to Mac OS, Windows OS requires greater security awareness. These two operating systems come with built-in anti-malware programs. However, because of their increased attack rate, Windows users need to be extra cautious about updating system components like browsers, drivers, third-party antiviruses, etc.

Third-Party Apps

There is less bloatware since Apple maintains strict controls over its software. Apple customers cannot use third-party software or apps on their Apple products unless they jailbreak their devices, which nullifies the manufacturer’s warranty and support.

Installing third-party software on a Windows PC makes it simpler for malware to infect your system. You can use free antivirus from the Windows store, albeit it might not be as effective against malicious malware as premium versions.

Therefore, the Apple security system is a little more sophisticated and less vulnerable to spyware or viruses, but it’s also not impermeable. Use free antivirus for Mac before purchasing a paid membership further to improve the security of your Mac’s data.

Therefore, Apple’s superior security over Windows, which is frequently the target of malware and hackers, is the main draw for customers. You are probably better off choosing a Mac if you are interested in stricter security by design or frequently use your computer for storing and sharing extremely sensitive information or confidential data.

Browser Safety

The default Mac browser is Safari, which recently changed to include more dynamic ad-blockers. Your security may be jeopardized by undeclared tracking, unsolicited pop-ups, and advert blocking. Although third-party browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome rate higher than Safari due to Safari’s sluggish update cycle, Safari performs better than Microsoft Edge.

Because of Internet Explorer’s poor reputation, Microsoft Edge, the default browser for Windows, was introduced to take its place. Every week, security updates are delivered as part of Windows’ dynamic update cycle. However, their user diagnostic reports method still has a lot to be desired.

Is It Possible To Run Mac OS On A Windows PC?

Technically, yes. The procedure known as Hackintosh allows Mac OS X to be installed on a variety of Windows PC hardware configurations. There are online forums and websites devoted to this. It’s a difficult process that calls for particular motherboards, video cards, etc., for either partial or complete compatibility.

The install process swaps out your driver’s or SSD’s boot loader partition for the Clover boot loader, enabling you to choose whether to boot into a Windows or Mac environment. If you have the correct tools, it CAN operate flawlessly. Now for the downsides:

  1. It is forbidden. You go against Apple’s terms of service, allowing you to use Apple hardware to run Mac OS.
  2. Proper configuration is technically difficult beyond updating a Mac or Windows OS in “regular” circumstances.
  3. Every time Apple releases an update, your installation could become utterly unusable, rendering your computer worthless until the Hackintosh community creates a new software patch to fix the problem. Then, to deploy the patch to the failing OS, you must be able to boot the computer from another volume.
  4. Probably won’t function in the future. You won’t be able to run the macOS on machines lacking Apple’s T2 security chip until all supported Apple hardware contains it, barring the development of significant security exploits.

Setting up a Hackintosh computer can be enjoyable for tech-geek hobbyists. However, I strongly advise you to set that concept aside if you’re considering using it for actual work or productivity. Too many problems prevent them from working and hinder them from working.

Is There Any Benefit To Running OS X On A PC Vs Windows On A Mac?

A PC is a Mac. However, it isn’t easy to operate OS X (macOS) on standard Windows PC hardware. You can obtain hardware specifications that Apple does not produce, which is advantageous. So you can build a high-performance desktop computer in a tower chassis that outperforms the fastest Mac.

But your computer is a Hackintosh. It can only be used with hardware for which there is a driver; even then, the system software needs to be changed to account for the change.

The rock-solid solidity of a Mac is one of its main advantages. A Hackintosh is delicate, and even minor system changes have the potential to malfunction. Therefore, only those with in-depth knowledge of the system and the skills to identify and address these issues should consider operating a Hackintosh.


In the nutshell all about Do You Use Windows Or Mac OS X As OS For Live? There are benefits and drawbacks to both the Windows and Mac operating systems. The user’s technical proficiency and security needs are the only factors that should be considered when choosing which one to utilize.

Pick a platform that you are more at ease using. Whichever OS you decide on, thoroughly consider your alternatives and ensure you have sufficient cybersecurity measures to lessen the risk of malware and assaults. The best protection you will ever have ultimately comes from using your program correctly and using your common sense to navigate your system.

The Mac Mini M1 is optimized for users who broadcast live videos to websites like YouTube and Twitch. Streamers have specific needs, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a gadget of this caliber and price that can readily satisfy them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better for OBS, Mac, or Windows?

If you utilize specialized software that Apple has vetted and passed, Mac computers are fantastic. OBS is an open-source program that is always changing; therefore, if you use a MAC, you will inevitably lag in new features and updates.

Is migrating from Windows to Mac worth it?

The software is significantly less expensive, but the hardware is more expensive. And Apple includes a lot of widely-used apps with the OS, many of which are free to download. For apps required for a basic system, Microsoft costs more. I changed because of that.

Windows versus macOS: Which OS is simpler to install?

Although some Windows users would disagree, many Mac users think that MacOS is simpler to install and update than Windows, offers quicker updates with less fuss, and makes it simpler to install and manage programs.

Which OS is the easiest to use?

The most well-known and widely used operating system on this list is Windows. From Windows 95 through Windows 10, it has been the standard operating system powering computers worldwide. It is simple to use and operates quickly when it first starts up.

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