How Do I Connect My Monitor To My DDJ-400?

In this article, I’ll address all the issues you can encounter about How Do I Connect My Monitor To My DDJ-400? You own a DDJ-400, and you believe that everything was set up. Rekordbox has songs queued and playing, but there is no sound output.

Connecting the DDJ-400 to speakers and resolving speaker problems can be challenging, regardless of your level of experience as a DJ or mixer. Sometimes you need more than just consulting the handbook or diagram to ensure everything is connected properly.

For those looking to enter the world of DJing, the Pioneer DJ DDJ 400 is an excellent entry-level controller. This little controller may be used on a PC or an iOS device and is compatible with Rekordbox and day. In our beginner’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up the DDJ 400 on both systems so you can start mixing right away!

How Do I Connect My Monitor To My DDJ-400?

Simple audio connections are available for the DDJ-400. A tiny 1/8th TRS connection is used to attach headphones to the controller’s front. The two RCA line-level outputs on the back, marked master are where speakers are connected. The red connection is for the right speaker, and the white connector is for the left.

You’ll find the TRS microphone input and dedicated volume control on the controller’s back. It’s important to note that the microphone’s Audio is not transmitted through USB to the computer, so it won’t be audible in recordings or streaming.

Connect My Monitor To My DDJ-400

Setting Up The DDJ 400 On A Computer With Rekordbox

Before connecting the DDJ 400, make sure the most recent version of Rekordbox is installed on your computer. This version is available here.

  • Join the DDJ-400’s speakers and headphones.
  • Next, run Rekordbox
  • Lastly, use the USB cable to connect the DDJ-400 to a laptop.

Check the following settings if the DDJ-400 isn’t producing any sound while you’re running Windows.

  • Check the settings in rekordbox by opening [Audio].
    • Choose the linked DDJ-400 (DDJ-400 WASAPI).
    • Perform the following output channel checks
    • DDJ-400 WASAPI: MASTER as the master output
    • DDJ-400 WASAPI: PHONES Headphone Output

Check out this useful article to solve the problem of Audio not coming from the computer or controller for more information on Windows audio settings.

Using Computer Speakers With The DDJ-400

Rekordbox DJ enables users to use the built-in computer speakers. This can be extremely helpful if the DJ is on the go or doesn’t have a set of speakers. To use the computer speakers and the DDJ-400 connected speakers, select the icon in Rekordbox’s top right corner next to settings.

I am setting up the DDJ 400 On IPad/iPhone With Djay. Ensure you have the most recent Djay installation from the App Store before connecting the DDJ 400. The controller is connected to and powered by the USB-B port on the back of the DDJ-400.

It is necessary to use adaptors, which we will link below, to connect iOS devices using the cable. Bypassing the adaptor requires a USB-B to USB-C connection and an iPad with a USB-C port. Keep an eye on your battery levels because this strategy prevents the iPad from charging. IOS Device with Lightning Port (iPhone / Older iPad)

  • Open the Djay app.
  • Attach the iPhone or iPad to the Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter.
  • Attach an iPad or iPhone charger to the camera adapter.
  • Attach the included USB cable from the DDJ-400 to the camera kit.
  • The most recent iPad Pro or iPad Air, to connect to a USB-C device
  • Join the DDJ-400’s speakers and headphones.
  • Open the Djay app.
  • Connect an iPad to a USB hub.
  • Connect the power cord to the USB Hub.
  • Use the included cable to connect DDJ-400 to USB Hub.

Preliminary Checks When Speakers Are Not Working on DDJ-400

You must perform the following preliminary checks:

  • Verify that your laptop is not being used as the output. On the Rekordbox home page, there is a button that resembles a computer with speakers in the upper right corner.
  • Select the DDJ-400 as your audio output device in Rekordbox’s options.
  • There is a checkbox that says, “Output audio through the built-in speakers of the computer and your DJ equipment (PC MASTER OUT) when you select “DDJ-400 WASAPI” as your audio source.
  • The Master Output option can be found under Output Channels. For example, choose “DDJ-400 WASAPI: MASTER + Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)” when selecting the speakers you want to use.
  • Be sure to raise the volume and trim sliders.
  • Check that the Channel Fader (located below the sliders) is not pulled to one side if just one channel is playing audio.
  • Make sure the Volume and Trim sliders are set up.
  • Ensure that the gain knob on the controller is up.
  • Verify that your speakers are compatible with other audio equipment.

Connecting DDJ-400 To Active/Powered Speakers

An active speaker is the most typical speaker used when mixing on a DDJ-400. We don’t need separate pieces of gear to project the sound because these speakers integrate speakers and an amplifier.

The DDJ-400 Can Be Connected To Powered Speakers In One Of Three Ways

  • Join your PC or laptop speakers immediately.
    • Join them at the DDJ-400.
    • Use an audio interface to connect them to Rekordbox (not common)

Remember that the DDJ-400 can function without drivers. There is no need to install any additional driver software. When your controller is linked to your Mac or PC through a USB cable, the usual Windows/Mac OS audio driver will automatically install. You might be unsure how to connect powered speakers (like the Mackie Thump 12a) if you just got them because otherwise, there won’t be any sound.


That’s all done about How Do I Connect My Monitor To My DDJ-400? Therefore, after connecting it to the RCA ports, you would connect that wire to channel 1 of the first speaker and channel 1 of the second speaker. Mix Out is an output that allows the signal to be passed to another speaker. Connect RCA from Master into the Channel 1 or Channel 2 inputs.

The DDJ-400 can be connected to other audio devices through standard jacks. The front of the controller features a teeny 1/8th TRS connection for plugging in headphones. Speakers should be connected to the two master RCA line-level outputs found on the device’s rear. The right speaker cable is red, and the left speaker cable is white.

The controller’s rear has the TRS microphone input and corresponding volume knob. It’s worth noting that the microphone’s audio won’t be picked up in recordings or streaming because it isn’t sent to the computer through USB.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I link my computer to DDJ?

Connect the splitter cable to the computer’s headphone port after downloading and installing it. As previously noted, attach the headphones and speakers to the splitter wire, and use the provided USB cable to connect the DDJ 200 to the computer.

Is there a USB port on the Pioneer DDJ 400?

The new features of rekordbox 5.3 have been considered when designing the Pioneer DDJ-400. This USB-powered, 2-channel DJ controller has 16 RGB pads, an integrated soundcard, and two channels.

Does the DDJ-400 require speakers?

You will require headphones and a computer with a rekordbox DJ turned on. Powered speakers are necessary for the device to output audio (or an amplifier and speakers).

Is the DDJ-400 have Bluetooth?

Yes. The helpful tutorial appearing as soon as you connect the DDJ-400 will help you start using Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox software quickly. When you’re finished mixing, the DDJ-400’s convenient wireless Bluetooth connection will let you listen to your preferred streaming service directly from your phone.

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