Is Ableton Better On MAC Or PC?

I contrast the two in this piece Is Ableton Better On MAC Or PC? Music producers frequently argue whether Apple Macs or Microsoft PCs are superior for music production. Thankfully, Ableton Live can be used on either platform, but we may still ask if Ableton works better on a Mac or a PC.

Is Ableton Better On MAC Or PC?

Ableton Live Can Be Used For Live Performance Better On MACs. Consider that you are looking to start or advance your profession in music production and are looking for a new computer. When that happens, there will be many opinions regarding whether you should choose a Mac or a Microsoft PC.

Ableton Better On MAC Or PC

The Fact Is Each Has Its Pros And Cons

The first benefit worth highlighting is that Mac users in live settings frequently use Ableton Live. The reason is that most Microsoft computers lack better-integrated soundcards and, in some cases, processors than Mac laptops.

As a result, they frequently crash less. You could be better off spending money on an iMac, MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro if you intend to use Ableton Live in a live scenario. If you pay attention, most producers and DJs use a MacBook in their live setup.


Macs are pricey like, really pricey. A Microsoft laptop or PC may be made for much less money if you start production, so the investment could seem pointless. Despite this, you can still choose a less expensive option like a used MacBook or even a Mac Mini. Additionally, payment arrangements might be accessible.


Regarding affordability, Microsoft laptops and desktop computers dominate the field. For instance, my Microsoft laptop, a bit of a beast and runs Ableton Live like a champion, has an i7 processor, 32 gigabytes of RAM, and an SSD hard drive.

A few years ago, I paid less than $1400 to have it constructed. If I had spent the money, I would have looked more at laptops in the $2000 range with those features! Those are big differences if you want to spend money on additional necessary goods like headphones, monitors, and controllers.


Ableton Live DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) crashes affect Mac users less frequently. According to many, utilizing Ableton Live on a PC is the opposite of what they claim. According to reports, Ableton would routinely crash on PC users in the past.

The causes of this are, admittedly, rather beyond my pay range. On my Microsoft laptop, I have personally encountered the dreaded DAW crash a few times. Throughout running it on this laptop for two years, I think I could count the number of collisions on one hand.

On my older laptop, I must admit that utilizing FL Studio caused considerably more crashes than Ableton ever did. Additionally, newer versions of Ableton Live offer an automatic save feature that can save your life!

VST Compatibility

You might wish to consider that many VST plugins are not available on Mac, relying on how much you rely on third-party VST plugins (like a virtual instrument) in your Live shows. Naturally, many of the more popular plugins are accessible on both systems.

However, you might be shocked by how many independent VST plugins aren’t compatible with Mac if you start experimenting with more of them. If you love plugins, you might consider acquiring a PC.

There are PC versions of every VST plugin I’m aware of. Therefore, a Microsoft PC gives you a considerably better chance of discovering an instrument or effect that will meet your production demands.

Laptop Vs Desktop For Music Production

Nowadays, desktop and laptop computers are utilized regularly in music production; I have used both to create my music. Which type of computer, a laptop or a desktop is better for music production? Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Except in cases when portability is required, desktop computers are preferable to laptops for music production. They perform better and are simpler to upgrade. Desktop computers may be much quieter than laptops, which is crucial for a home recording studio.

While a desktop computer often provides the best experience at a given price range, a laptop may be a better option depending on your unique needs. Several variables, most notably the actual place where you create music, must be considered when choosing your ideal music computer.


You might notice a pattern here about Is Ableton Better On MAC Or PC? Macs are generally more dependable than PCs. This seems to be the case since Mac machines are created equal, whereas not all Microsoft systems are.

You can have a dud depending on the brand you choose. Therefore, if you decide to go with a Windows machine, it pays to do your research on various brands and builds. You can get the most out of Ableton Live for live performances using a MAC.

Think about it: you want to get into the music production business or take it to the next level, and you need a new computer. In that case, people will have strong feelings about whether you should choose a Mac or a PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ableton Live require 8GB of RAM?

In my perspective, 8GB of ram should be plenty for the majority of audio production tasks. You may want to use additional RAM if you are recording many songs or using many VST plugins (or simply numerous instances of the virtual instrument Serum).

Is 4GB of RAM sufficient for making music?

Yes, it can be in my experience, but it’s not ideal. I spent years making music on a laptop with 4GB of RAM. I was using a different piece of music software at the time, though.

Can a laptop with 2GB RAM run Ableton Live?

Possibly, However, you might want extra RAM if you intend to run anything more complex than Ableton Live Lite.

Which is more critical for music production RAM or CPU?

Although both are critical, the CPU processor is more crucial.

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