Is GTX 1050 Good For Solidworks?

I was especially interested in finding out Is GTX 1050 Good For Solidworks? I was fortunate to examine two excellent Infinity gaming laptops due to the process. The response to the query is? Yes, you can (with a few restrictions). There’s usually a catch with these inquiries; SolidWorks officially calls for a CAD Workstation, but the core hardware is nearly identical.

This raises the question of why gaming computers cannot be used with SolidWorks. However, this guideline is created to ensure a seamless experience using SolidWorks. In actuality, you can use any Windows computer system with SolidWorks.

The Infinity Gaming Laptops undoubtedly have the hardware necessary to deliver a fluid experience with SolidWorks; in some cases, it may even be superior to a CAD workstation. The caveat to this rule is that some SolidWorks features, such as Real View and the Enhanced Graphics Performance option, only function with CAD-level GPUs.

Would I model in SolidWorks on a gaming laptop? Yes, I definitely would for general modeling involving fewer than 1000 components. I would select the Infinity V5-9R6-88 above the other laptop we had the opportunity to review simply because it included a GTX 2060 graphics card.

Is GTX 1050 Good For Solidworks?

Yes, it’s adequate for typical use, and so far, my HP laptop hasn’t had any issues with it. Does the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti perform well in gaming and 3D modeling? I do a lot of 3D modeling and rendering, and my GTX680 performs nearly as well as a 1050ti.

GTX 1050 Good For Solidworks

This card works great for me; it can push a ton of polygons; thus, working with intricate high poly models shouldn’t be a problem. In my view, your CPU and RAM are significantly more important for 3D modeling than your graphics card. Thus you should invest just as much money in them.

A 1050ti will be excellent for rendering still images, but depending on your patient, you might want something more powerful for animations. A 1050ti is a great pick for gaming and should be quite competitive for the next four years. (The 750ti was introduced in 2013 but is only now beginning to show its age).

What level of graphics card is advised for 3D modeling? 3D modeling often demands the greatest GPU you can afford in addition to one fast CPU core for modeling operations to display your model on the screen while you work on it.

The greatest advice for buying a computer is to get the best model you can afford right away in the hopes that it will serve you for a little while longer. When it comes to gaming equipment, I usually strive to buy the “second best”; performance is still excellent, but you avoid spending extra for the prestige of owning the absolute finest.

Compared to graphics cards with dedicated memory for the GPU, shared system memory graphics cards are more susceptible to issues. Avoid those at all costs. They are typical of laptops. Additionally, avoid gaming laptops with desktop-class chipsets to save your back. The size of the power supply always comes as a surprise. These monsters can be transported, although they aren’t portable.

With two exceptions, characteristics that make a card great for gameplay also make it ideal for modeling. To start, games run geometry that has been carefully tuned for performance. You will be loading more polygons onto your card than a finished game might because your models aren’t likely to be optimized while you work.

Second, while modeling, you probably won’t notice a refresh rate higher than 30 Hz. You’re constantly seeing frame rates far lower than when there is a large, non-optimized model on the screen. So be sure to manage your expectations.

The graphics card is primarily used to render the model on your screen in real-time while you work, rather than for modeling per se. The CPU handles the complex mathematical work for the actual modeling procedures.

Don’t fall for the myth that adding more CPU cores would boost raw modeling performance. Modeling is a single-threaded task in all but a very small number of specialized scenarios. CPUs with high clock rates are preferable over CPUs with several cores.

On the other hand, photorealistic rendering utilizes multi-threading effectively because it involves rendering your model after it has been created. You need as many cores (and as much RAM) as you can acquire if you want to do a lot of rendering and modeling.

If you’ve read this far and are just looking for a buy recommendation, purchase a Macbook Pro from Apple. If you don’t like macOS, you may always utilize Bootcamp to install Windows on the same computer. Windows works just nicely on Macbook Pros. Macbooks are constructed like tanks and have excellent specifications all around.

Is GTX 1050 Good For 3D Rendering?

These things are possible, but not very well. The 1050 ti is a current card, although one of the less expensive ones. Most modern games can be played on medium at a frame rate of roughly 30. For simple 3D modeling, it would be OK. However, spending a few hundred dollars extra on a 1070 or, at the very least, 1060 is preferable if you are serious about either of those things.

What’s The Difference Between NVIDIA GTX 1050 And GTX 1050 Ti?

From the 50s up to the 80Ti card or the Geforce GTX family, Nvidia offers a variety of GPUs. The cards that receive the Ti typically provide something. The Ti card is an improved version of the card with the same name. (For instance, the GTX 1050Ti is an improved version of the GTX 1050.) But how significant is the difference in this instance?

Performance Difference

The quality can vary. These movies demonstrate that the GTX 1050Ti is slightly better, but not dramatically. This indicates that the GTX 1050Ti is the better card in terms of performance. According to what I can tell from Amazon, the GTX 1050 has a few 4GB models, whereas the GTX 1050Ti has several.

Because the GTX 1050Ti can use more than 2 GBs of VRAM in most modern games, it can last longer than the GTX 1050. As Blunty said, the 2GB version encountered problems while playing Forza at MEDIUM settings, leading to stutter and other issues. Games these days use more than just 2 GBs of VRAM; hence I would advise the 4GB 1050Ti over 1050.

Price Difference

Of course, this comes at a higher cost; as we can see, the GTX 1050 costs between $100 and $120, while the GTX 1050Ti costs between 160 and 180. Because you’re looking at budget cards, you also need to consider how long you want to keep the card.

Should I Use Quadro Or A Geforce For Autocad?

Compared to Quadro, GeForce graphics cards cost substantially less. Quadro graphics cards are made specifically for 2D and 3D CAD applications. These aids in realistic rendering and other graphically demanding tasks; some used Quadro cards for Autocad after initially using GeForce cards.

They claim that despite Quadro cards’ higher price in the case of Autocad, they have not observed any appreciable performance differences when utilizing them.

I would advise using a GeForce graphics card with more VRAM if you are someone who only plans to use Autocad for small to medium-sized designs. For workstation computers that perform extensive 3D and 2D CAD work, Quadro graphics cards are the best option.


To conclude Is GTX 1050 Good For Solidworks? For such office software, Nvidia GeForce 1050 GTX is excessive. It would help if you prioritized purchasing a solid CPU. Intel i5 8th Gen processors are fine for practically everything if you can afford them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GTX 1050 suitable for editing?

Yes, you may edit films with a GTX 1050Ti; however, just your CPU, not your GPU, is used for basic video rendering.

Does a GTX 1650 suffice for Solidworks?

The GTX 1650 is not designed for things like 3D modeling. For gaming and streaming, it is superior. For 3D modeling, the 3550H is by no means a good CPU, and Solidworks is likely to crash occasionally.

Nvidia GeForce and Solidworks compatibility

The best speed and stability for SOLIDWORKS are NOT provided by graphics cards meant for “gaming” or multimedia applications, such as NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon cards (not Radeon Pro).

Is Photoshop compatible with GTX 1050?

However, if at all possible, we still advocate utilizing a GTX 1060 6GB or perhaps a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB. The 4-6GB of VRAM on these cards can be helpful for your system as a whole, even if you don’t think you need the added performance they provide.

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