Is RX550 Good For Video Editing?

To start out the topic of discussion about Is RX550 Good For Video Editing? AVS Video Editor is played at a frame rate of 200 or more when using the Radeon RX 550 4GB, which has been around for five years. Remember that those outcomes would run at High and 1920×1080 screen resolution.

From those 1920×1080 screens FPS, we can infer that this GPU performs significantly better than the suggested system specifications. Even 4K Ultra on AVS Video Editor produces 98 FPS. However, it’s still important to consider that you would receive $0.81 for every Ultra 4K FPS as opposed to $0.48 at Ultra 1440p.

This graphics card is strong and capable of delivering 4K screen resolution at high settings for AVS Video Editor. But make sure your computer or laptop has at least 4GB of RAM. For a fluid experience, the PC’s processor should match the AMD Ryzen R3 1200X’s capabilities.

Is RX550 Good For Video Editing?

It has all the benefits of 500 series H.264/HEVC dedicated decoders and encoders; however, the playback mode’s GPU and memory speed are poor. It is one of the greatest solutions for simple editing, notably with Final Cut X, Edius, Vegas, PowerDirector, and Video Pro X. It is quite cold and uses a maximum of 50W.

RX550 Good For Video Editing

That’s a somewhat difficult decision. The 3600 + 550 should perform admirably in Vegas 14 unless you encounter driver problems since the GPU is too new for that version; in that case, you would need to upgrade to a more recent version of Vegas. (Since I haven’t encountered any instances of others having problems with that specific GPU, you could be fine.)

However, Resolve won’t like that setup. Resolve will shortly run out of memory with only 2GB VRAM available. For Resolve to work with 4K footage, you must have at least 8GB VRAM. Vegas will run just fine for 2600 with GPU, but it won’t be as quick as the 3600.

If your PC has lots of fast rams, it would at least execute Resolve. Resolve recommends 16GB of system RAM, but you’ll need much more since you’ll be sharing it with the iGPU; 32GB would be a reasonable minimum. It’s not an easy decision, then. If it were up to me, I’d select the 3600 + 550 but continue to edit with Vegas until I have the money to replace the GPU for Resolve.

Is A 550 Graphics Card Good??

Our Opinion Even while the Radeon RX 550 costs more than the RX 560, it still offers e-sports players and home theatre PC users a tone of value.

Can AMD Radeon RX 550 Run 4K?

Any gamer would be thrilled to know that the RadeonTM RX 550 is compatible with a new generation of monitors that support 1080p at 240Hz, 1440p at 240Hz, 4K at 120 Hz, and even 1440p ultra-wide at 190Hz.


To sum up all about Is RX550 Good For Video Editing? This game can be played smoothly on Radeon RX 550 4GB graphics cards, but what AVS Video Editor Screen resolution would you prefer to use? While you can only obtain 98 frames per second in 4K Ultra, you can get up to 165 in Ultra 1440p and 200 or more in 1080p.

This will cost $0.36 for every 1080p Ultra frame when priced per frame at the graphics card’s initial price. At 1440p Ultra, this rises to $0.48 each frame, and at 4K Ultra, it rises even further to $0.81 per frame.

The advantages of dedicated decoders and encoders for H.264/HEVC in the 500 series are there, but the playback mode’s poor GPU and memory speed is a major drawback. With programs like Final Cut X, Edius, Vegas, PowerDirector, and Video Pro X, it’s one of the best choices for basic editing tasks. Using no more than 50W of power, it is very chilly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use as an RX 550 upgrade?

A modest upgrade for you would be a GTX 1050 or an RX 560 (remember that most cards have additional power requirements).

What is the most affordable GPU for editing videos?

The AMD RADEON RX 5500 XT is your best choice if you’re looking for a cheap graphics card that performs well in video editing. A 4GB graphics card with GDDR6 RAM is called the RX 5500 XT.

Is a 2GB graphics card sufficient for editing videos?

For HD or Full HD video editing, a good budget graphics card with 2GB VRAM is sufficient. However, a good mid-range to high-end graphics card with at least 4GB of video memory, or VRAM, is required for 4K video editing.

Does editing require a graphics card?

No, a graphics card is not required for video editing. You can get by without a specialized graphics card if you are a novice or even an intermediate video editor. However, the performance advantages a powerful graphics card can provide you for video editing are indisputable.