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When we go camping in an RV, most of us want to bring the comforts of home with us. Over the weekend, we want to catch up on a major game, watch our favorite TV shows, or watch the news on TV. You need a King OA1501 Omnigo Portable for it to happen. Because of its flexible installation, we have always used the Winegard GM-6000 Carryout G2+. The options on the market can be overwhelming if you now want one of these devices in your RV as well.

KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable 2

KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Review


  • Over-The-Air Antenna
  • Multi-Directional Signal Acquisitio
  • Easy To Pack For Travel
  • Portable And Compact

One of the pioneers in developing Over The Air technology, KING, is offering a cutting-edge solution called KING OmniGo. Without moving or adjusting the device, this omnidirectional antenna is made to pick up signals from all directions. Use the integrated tripod or magnetic vehicle mount with the KING OmniGo for a quick and simple setup.

The antenna starts looking for signals as soon as it is turned on. The signal is boosted to ensure your location’s strongest possible TV reception. When looking for TV antenna signals, there’s no need to rotate the antenna; relax and let it do its thing.

The KING OmniGo is a potent, portable device built for mobility. It includes a collapsible tripod mount, a magnetic vehicle mount (for temporary mounting), a flexible coax cable, a power supply, and a travel bag. Everything you require for your active mobile lifestyle is included.

There is no need for drilling, holes, or labor during installation. The antenna is sturdy automotive-grade plastic that is UV-protected, rust-resistant, waterproof, and powerful. It is made to withstand all of your outdoor activities in any weather.

You won’t again have to miss your favorite shows, local news, or live sporting events again if you have access to free over-the-air programming: no more satellite or cable subscription fees. No matter where the trip takes you, you can watch free HDTV.

Anybody on the go who wants to watch free local HDTV programming from wherever they are will find KING OmniGo to be the perfect solution, whether they are in an RV or travel trailer, toy hauler, over-the-road truck, fifth wheel, second home, cabin, hunting shack, ice house, tailgate party, or backyard party. The omnidirectional KING OmniGo makes it simple and quick to take your preferred local channels with you.


  • It’s easy to set up
  • Easy HDTV coverage.
  • Portable and omnidirectional.
  • It has high-quality accessories.
  • Works great with RV


  • Pricey

Star Rating

4 out of 5 Stars

Product Testing

It was connected to the RV cable at the outside antenna, and I then connected the AMP connector to the antenna connection inside the RV before connecting it to the TV, which was now prepared for a scan. I sat back and waited for the scan to finish, but NOTHING happened. zero channels.

So I went from the KING OA1501 OmniGo straight to the AMP and avoided the RV wires, which worked. The run scan produced a list of 16 channels. I, therefore, initially believed I had cable issues with the RV. I looked through a few questions and answers.

KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable 1

I attempted one suggestion about connecting the AMP outdoors to the antenna before attaching the TV using the regular connection inside the RV. After plugging in power and running the TV scan, the same 16 stations worked perfectly.

Product Comparison

The 1byOne antenna, one of only two on this list with a nonremovable coax wire, may not function in some places since it is just 10 feet long and cannot pick up a very faint signal. Though the HD antenna type comes with a powered gain amplifier, the black plastic feels a little cheap compared to the other colors.

We recommend the KING HD TV antenna because it provides superior performance at a lower cost than its rivals. Because of its portability and lightweight, this antenna is perfect for camping trips. This device’s omnidirectional head enables it to pick up HDTV signals from any direction without requiring an adjustment to the antenna.


With its powerful portability and convenient design, the King OA1501 Omnigo Portable is an ultra-portable device. It comes with a portable power source, a flexible coax cable, a folding tripod mount, a magnetic vehicle mount (for temporary mounting), and a carrying case.

Everything you need to live a nomadic lifestyle on the go is right here. Neither holes nor drilling is required, nor is any special installation work. The antenna is made from powerful, UV-protected, rustproof, and waterproof plastic that is fit for an automobile. It can resist the elements and all of your outdoor endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the king Jack antenna’s quality good?

The KING JackTM offers improved UHF signal reception, where more than 80% of new HDTV channels are aired, and continues to give outstanding reception to existing VHF channels. This is thanks to its extended reception range and increased signal strength.

How can I improve the antenna signal on my RV?

·       Turn on your TV and raise your antenna.
·       Run a channel scan and note where the antenna base plate is located.
·       Tune in to the channel you want to view after the scan is finished.
·       Take note of the reception, then rotate the plate 90 degrees.
·       Check to see whether the reception gets better or worse.

What does a King Jack antenna’s front look like?

The front of the Jack antenna is its square portion. The Jack is rotated 360 degrees while the side thumb lock is pushed in.

How does the King Jack antenna function?

The KING Jack antenna’s over-the-air signal will be routed to the two TV outputs when the device is turned on (button pushed), and the power light will turn green to indicate +12 volts to the antenna. If configured for cable TV input, the two TV outputs will receive the cable TV signal when it is off.

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