King VQ4100 Quest Portable (Review + Comparison)

The best TV antennas like King VQ4100 Quest Portable let you view local news and sports without paying for cable service, or they can add other channels to services like Sling TV, including FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and others. If you don’t have a wire subscription or don’t have one at all, you can continue to enjoy entertainment without breaking the bank.

Many consumers cancel their expensive cable and satellite TV subscriptions as streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ gain popularity. An excellent indoor TV antenna, like the Antennas Direct ClearStream Flex, is the easiest, most trustworthy solution to pull in hundreds of TV channels for free for people who still want to watch the occasional live event or local programming without adding subscription expenses.

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How therefore do we determine which are the best? From basic domestic antennas to amplified models and larger outside antennas, our TV antenna reviews carefully test and evaluate the market’s best antennas.

We consider performance, the number of channels retrieved, the viability of those channels, the included equipment, and the simplicity of installation and use. If you have a TV antenna but are unsure of how to position it or are looking for excellent advice, look no further. For our recommendations and to find the locations of your nearby transmitters, use the free Antenna Point app from Mohu and Antennas Direct.

KING VQ4100 Quest Portable Review


  • DIRECTV Service
  • SWM-Only Receivers
  • Portable Antenna
  • Built-In Dual Coaxial Outputs

This portable satellite TV antenna, made especially for tailgating, is the best choice for RV owners and people who like to be outside. It is an automatic antenna that is easy to set up and works well right out of the box. Since it’s a satellite dish, you’ll need to buy a subscription to use it. For this model, that means a pay-as-you-go plan from DISH or DIRECTV.

You can either permanently mount it on the roof of your cart (but remember that the antenna only works when you are parked) or temporarily mount it, giving you more freedom and mobility. It can be used outside anywhere with a clear view of the sky. It gets its power from the coax line.

The only thing we didn’t like about this model is that it has trouble getting HD channels in some places. You might not be able to get all the channels if you live very far from town, in a place with a lot of trees that block the signal, or if there is some other kind of interference. Aside from that, we can’t think of anything bad about this model.


  • No complex wiring is needed.
  • Automatic signal acquisition and targeting.
  • Installation is simple
  • Easy to operate, coax-powered.
  • Quality Product


  • Not for use with the Bell 9500 decoder

Star Rating

4.3 out of 5 Stars

Product Testing

My receiver is a Directv D-12. Set up the power supply; I was watching Directv at that point when my receiver had finished rebooting. When I opened my signal meters, I discovered that the signal strength was 98% overall, with all my transponders at 95% or greater. I felt quite satisfied. The real test was last week when we visited Anastasia State Park in St.

Augustine, Florida. The area was heavily forested, making it difficult to get a clear shot from the ground or a tripod. However, my tow vehicle was high enough to see over the tree line SW, and since we had an extra car, I installed the King on the roof of it. Sure enough, I received a strong signal but no local stations.

King VQ4100 Quest Portable 1

However, it was no problem to mount the King over the air antenna and receive. The next test involved a KOA near Orlando with subpar cable, so I once more utilized my Quest and got all of my stations. After hooking everything up and rebooting my receiver, I’ve already started receiving Directv. No more fiddling with the manual pointing, straining to hear the beeping, and even utilizing some archaic military jargon.

Product Comparison

Regarding bringing in the most TV channels, the Antennas Direct ClearStream Flex has consistently been among the top. It is reversible, has black and white sides, and its flat shape makes it simple to mount on a wall.

It is also paintable. The antenna includes a long, detachable cable that is convenient if you wish to replace it with a cable of a different color or length, as well as a detachable amplifier that the USB connection on your TV can power. The ClearStream Flex’s size is slightly larger than typical for a flat antenna, but that is the only drawback.

An integrated signal-level meter in the RCA ANT3ME1 amplifier gives a nearly instantaneous reading of the signal intensity. Using this tool, you may identify the best location for the antenna much more rapidly than if you were to utilize the TV’s internal channel-scanning feature to compare several locations.


This is easy to set up and use and works with Dish and DirecTV. I don’t have anything bad to say about it. The King VQ4100 Quest Portable is easy to set up and use and works with Dish and DirecTV. I don’t have anything bad to say about it.

Portable satellite TV antennas are perfect for RVers and outdoor enthusiasts. The antenna works instantly. You must subscribe to utilize the satellite dish. This model needs DISH or DIRECTV pay-as-you-go. You can permanently put it on your cart’s roof, however, it only works when parked.

Temporarily mounting it gives your cart greater movement. Anywhere with a clear sky is suitable. This model sometimes can’t get HD channels. If you live far from town, trees may obstruct the signal, or there may be other disturbances. This model’s perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are antennas required for smart TVs?

The key distinction between a monitor and a television is that television has an OTA tuner built in, even though most people never use it. With the introduction of smart TVs, cord-cutters can now obtain live TV and on-demand streaming by connecting straight to the internet.
While an antenna may receive signals without an internet connection, doing so is typically more expensive. Therefore, an antenna is not required to utilize smart TV, although the two work very well together.

Will my antenna support NextGen TV or ATSC 3.0?

The next generation of OTA transmissions is ATSC 3.0, often called NextGen TV, which promises improved audio quality, interactivity, and better resolutions. The good news is that NextGen TV is made to be backward compatible with the current ATSC, even though these features won’t be available until after the service launches in 2022.
So, yes, your current antenna will still function. However, you’ll also need an ATSC 3.0 capable tuner or TV and a live internet connection to use any interactive or on-demand features.

How is an indoor antenna installed?

Most modern antennas come with glue so that you may stick them to a window or wall. If for some reason, they don’t have this choice, you could attempt poster putty or packing tape in its place. When installing, try different placements.
Depending on your home’s orientation, a wall may be preferable to a window. Additionally, if possible, keep the antenna away from magnetic metals like security bars and the like because they can reduce the strength of your signal.

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