Mohu Leaf Metro Tv Antenna Review (Testing + Comparison)

The Mohu Leaf Metro Tv Antenna is a reliable indoor TV antenna with above-average reception capabilities that should work well in most urban and suburban settings. This amplified flat antenna captures stations more effectively than some of the greatest TV antennas, although commanding a higher price than some other flat antennas.

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Many smaller flat variants are available, like RCA ANT3ME, although they typically receive fewer over-the-air stations. The Mohu Leaf Supreme, which is nearly twice as broad as traditional flat indoor antennas like the RCA type, uses its larger wingspan to suck in more channels, but there is a price. Many customers may discover that design and performance are equally important factors in this choice.

Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna


  • Free HDTV For Life
  • Multi-Directional
  • Detachable Coaxial Cable
  • Large Antenna

It’s challenging to surpass the capable Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro as the greatest TV antenna overall. In order to draw in additional stations, the wide design goes huge. This substantial antenna is larger and thicker than conventional flat antennas, and it has a built-in amplifier and signal strength meter that assist you in locating the best location for channel capturing.

And pull channels it does, outperforming some of our favorite indoor antennas by using its large surface area to nab more than 40 viewable stations. The antenna is folded up in the box and takes some time to unfurl before it lays flat.

It has a special detachable coax line and comes with a 3-foot USB power cable to operate the amplifier. The Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro is a great indoor antenna for suburban regions that may need a boost to get the most channels, despite all of its drawbacks due to its reliable reception.


It is approximately twice as wide as conventional flat, plastic replicas, spanning 12 x 21.5 inches. The business offers push pins and Velcro-style stick-on for fastening on windows or walls. Although it cannot be placed on a tabletop stand, the coaxial wire is removable if you need to place it farther from the television than the accompanying 16-foot cable allows. Four LEDs on the amplifier’s base, which is where the attachment attaches, display the signal strength.


The antenna does not include an AC power plug. However, it does come with a USB power cord and a coaxial wire to connect to your TV. To boost the signals, you can plug it into a powered USB port on your TV or a USB power adapter you have at home.

A power brick hooked into a wall socket or an extension may be necessary to reach the powered port on a large screen TV because the USB power wire is only about 3 feet long. (We needed to utilize a USB extension cord to get to our regular test position.)

The Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro must be partially rolled up in order to fit into its retail box during setup, which is a hassle. Therefore, before we could test it, we had to flatten it out with weights for 24 hours to unfold properly.

We advise investigating what local over-the-air stations are accessible in your area by visiting a website like before deciding on a permanent location for the Mohu Supreme or what kind of antenna you require. You can see a list and a map of the locations of nearby broadcast towers by Googling your zip code.


The first-stage amplification of the Leaf Supreme Pro, according to Mohu, is made to lessen the pixelation and visual distortion that frequently render some marginal stations unwatchable. We discovered that this was typically the case, clearing up some stubborn channels and making station tuning a lot less unpleasant.

In the first scans with the amplifier, the Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro detected 42 channels. This is a better-than-average result; the amplified RCA ANT3ME, for instance, picked up 33 watchable stations. However, what was more impressive was how cleanly each station was received.

A check of all the channels typically reveals a number that is unwatchable owing to visual or sound disruptions. However, the local Fox affiliate and the competitive CBS affiliate at the bottom of the dial eluded the Leaf Supreme Pro.

The amplifier also appeared to be beneficial. Consider that in our experiments, only 36 channels were discovered while the amplifier wasn’t plugged in. Popular Spanish-language stations near the top of the dial in New York City made up most of what was missed.

The Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro outperformed other flat antennas in terms of performance. For instance, the smaller, flat amplified Antop HD Smart Antenna SBS-301 only picked up 33 channels in our tests. This larger model performed better than Mohu’s own, less costly Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor Amplified HD TV Antenna, which cost $65 and only picked up 27 stations.

Exists a better-performing group? Of course, but those antennas are typically more expensive indoor/outdoor models, like the Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna, which in our tests picked up 73 stations, and  Antop AT-800SBS HD Smart Panel Antenna, which picked up 68 stations.


  • Detachable cable
  • Solid reception
  • Simple set up


  • Sizable presence on your wall

Star Rating

4.1 out of 5 Stars

How Do We Test?

I could balance the antenna on a thumbtack behind my TV that was already holding the radio antenna for my receiver in only a few minutes after connecting it to my TV. My Sony Bravia Android TV took me a little longer to figure out how to scan for channels.

Mohu Leaf Metro Tv Antenna 1

Still, after a Google search and a few more minutes, I received 30+ channels in clear, HD digital quality, including all the major networks and 4 PBS selections. There are many useless channels, but at least I’m not paying $40 or more a month to avoid them.

Product Comparison

The ClearStream MAX-V is a very competent antenna that offers more stations than even rival amplified antennas, even versions that cost considerably more. However, its appearance could leave something to be desired.

One of the top TV antennas we’ve tested if you wish to enhance over-the-air TV reception. The Antop SBS-301 is nearly twice as broad as standard flat indoor HDTV antennas, measuring 17 inches side-by-side.

It also functions as an FM radio antenna and has a second output for connecting to your sound system, making it more versatile than other TV antennas. It should be straightforward to put up and won’t significantly interfere with your home’s decor thanks to its two-sided design, which is white on one side and black on the other.

To Conclude

If you have room on your wall or can hide it behind a bookcase or your TV, the Mohu Leaf Metro Tv Antenna is a great way to record TV broadcasts, especially if you live in a suburban area. It’s easy to set up and only costs $20 to $30 more than many indoor antennas that do the same thing.

The great reception makes it a step up from other amplified antennas, like the Mohu Arc Pro and the Antop HD Smart Antenna SBS-301, both of which are the best TV antennas. Bottom line: If a smaller model didn’t work, you might want to move up to the Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my MOHU Leaf to obtain the best reception?

Print. Your television should be placed above and behind the Mohu Leaf antennae. Any antenna can be placed with the general understanding that the higher you position it, the better reception it will have.

What distinguishes the MOHU leaf 30 from leaf 50?

TV signals can be picked up by the Mohu Leaf 30 up to 30 miles away. The Mohu Leaf 50, formerly known as the Mohu Leaf Ultimate, is another product made by Mohu and has a 50-mile range.

Where should a MOHU Leaf be placed?

Your television should be placed above and behind the Mohu Leaf antennae. Any antenna can be placed with the general understanding that the higher you position it, the better reception it will have.

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