One Side Of The Hoverboard Blinking Red (Causes + Fix)

If One Side Of The Hoverboard Blinking Red, it has less than 10% of its charge left. Let the hoverboard charge without running it, and your problem will be solved. The engineers who made the circuit boards and sensors inside the hoverboards developed a unique fault system that displays a red light blinking in the middle of the hoverboard.

Depending on what’s wrong with the hoverboard, this flashing red light (on indicator light or R20 position) will blink in a particular order, making it simple for a repair technician to identify and remedy the issue.

Try a hoverboard sensor reset before attempting to solve the red flashing light on your hoverboard. This will calibrate the foot pads so that they are once more flat with the surface of the ground and reset the hoverboard sensors. Additionally, you can send your Jetson hoverboard to our hoverboard repair facility for repair if you’d want us to fix it for you.

How To Fix One Side Of The Hoverboard Blinking Red

How To Fix One Side Of The Hoverboard Blinking Red?

When your hoverboard is turned on, if you notice a red light flashing in the center, it signifies there is a problem that has to be fixed. The circle-shaped red flashing light denotes issues, but the battery-shaped red flashing light denotes a low battery.

Step: 1 Conduct Master Reset

Conducting a master reset of the device is the best place to start when resolving any hoverboard issue, including one with a red light indicator. Make careful to turn off your self-balancing scooter.

Next, depress and hold the power button for 10 seconds. When you let go, a momentary red light signal should show up to let you know the reset was successful. You can turn on your hoverboard after the light goes out.

Step: 2 Identify Problem From Red Light

If the red light issue still exists after a reset, you should check the warning the red light displays. The user guide for your hoverboard is the greatest resource for this. The red light indication often flashes a certain amount of times to denote a particular issue. These problems include frayed wires, a malfunctioning circuit, defective motors, and dead batteries.

Step: 3 Look Under The Hood

Even after locating the potential issue, it’s best to check underneath to ensure everything is in working condition. The circuit board, motor, and battery will be visible if you remove the device’s bottom panel with a screwdriver.

Look for any issues that can be seen visually. Just in case, tighten wire and cable connections using your screwdriver. After that, reinstall the panel and check to see if the issue has been resolved.

Step: 4 Purchase Replacement Parts

You’ll probably require replacement parts if the red indicator on your hoverboard doesn’t go away. You can buy a kit that includes instructions for changing the circuit board if the light indicates that it needs to be replaced.

It’s also simple to change the battery. Replacing the motor is typically straightforward and only requires a few standard tools. To be sure you’re purchasing the correct item, ensure the replacement part and the existing part number match.

Final Summary

Try this reset method first, and then proceeds if One Side Of The Hoverboard Blinking Red: Ensure that the hoverboard is turned off, that its wheels are firmly planted, and that both sides are parallel to the ground. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds without letting go of the hoverboard.

After 10 seconds, click the power button once more. Then switch off the hoverboard. The hoverboard gets reset when you turn it on. If your scooter’s LEDs continue to flash after activation, something is amiss, and repair is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hoverboard have a red side and a beep on one side?

Be careful not to ride under these conditions; in both cases, you need to charge your hoverboard normally. If the hoverboard’s green light blinks, your battery level is lower than 20%. If the red light starts beeping, your battery level is extremely low, less than 5%.

Why is one side of my hoverboard beeping?

When your hoverboard senses that the surface it is on or the hoverboard platform itself is tilted backward or forward by more than 15 degrees, or if the hoverboard is sitting on an incline greater than 30 degrees, the beeping will immediately start. Move your hoverboard to a smooth, level surface if you can.

Why does my hoverboard keep beeping continuously?

When the battery is low, your hoverboard will also beep to let you know. The battery indicator light(s) on top of the board will let you know if this is the case. A single battery indicator light is included in some of our models.

What do the hoverboard’s lights signify?

The battery indication light in this upright position will be green when in “beginner/slow” mode, yellow when in “intermediate/medium” mode, and red when in “advanced/fast” mode. The hoverboard’s LED will switch back to the color indicating its battery level as soon as you set it down again.

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