Rekordbox Headphones Not Working

Let’s jump right in Why Rekordbox Headphones Not Working? Though Rekordbox’s behavior can be erratic at times, we continue to use it since we adore it. Most people who use Rekordbox have had issues with the software, such as a lag in the audio or a sudden interruption, a jumbled channel list, etc.

Most problems with audio not being correctly divided in Rekordbox may be traced back to Windows drivers for Realtek audio devices. Remember that a basic controller is merely a USB hub, two audio devices, and a USB class submissive composite device.

Not an electric car, then. However, the issues we’re about to address with your headphones are straightforward fixes, so you can be back to mixing in no time.

Rekordbox Headphones Not Working

Ensure there is no obvious wear or breakage on the headphones’ cord, connector, remote, or earbuds. Check the meshes inside each earpiece for any debris. Debris can be removed by brushing all openings with a small, dry, soft-bristled brush. Please reconnect the headphones securely.

Why Rekordbox Headphones Not Working

When you try to cue a track, it can increase the volume of that song on the speakers but not play via the headphones. So now what? Does a separate audio source have to be connected for headphones to work?

The vast majority of the time, the issue is simply that you are not using the cue buttons on your headphones. Not all audio will be routed to your headphones. It would help if you assigned it to a certain channel.

If you’re running Rekordbox on a DDJ-200 or DDJ-400 and your headphones aren’t producing any sound, try these steps: Verify that the speakers are the default device, and the headphones are the Default Communications Device in Rekordbox. The following should appear if PC Master is already installed and running:

Adjust your headphones’ volume and balance controls to their maximum positions (to eliminate one possible problem). Double-check the controller and the Rekordbox DJ software should display the track information. My headphones only work when plugged directly into my Mac and after I reset the PC MASTER OUT.

You may have issues when using your laptop’s built-in speakers as a sound card. When the controller is configured in this way, the headphone jack is inoperable. You may connect them to your speakers without extra equipment by purchasing inexpensive cords. The sound quality will immediately be enhanced.

When You Want Speakers, Use Headphones

When you try to mix tracks while wearing headphones, you may occasionally get a noisy sound. When you only want to hear the track through the speakers, you’ll also hear it through the headphones.

This can be distracting when attempting to set up the next tune. I had a similar problem, and it was caused by ASUS’ audio mixer allowing a parameter that was incompatible with Rekordbox. A mix knob is located above the main phone volume knob.

Turn that towards cue to rule out at least one potential problem. Apart from that, you can only detach your separate sound card and change the audio device to your controller (as far as the laptop is concerned) (e.g., DDJ-400). After that, you’ll need to go into the Rekordbox settings and specify where the outputs should be routed.

Both Channels Playing Instead Of One

If you hit the cue button on your headphones on channel 1 (for example), you should only hear that channel’s track, correct? Instead, you hear two tracks, one for each channel. Furthermore, rather than hearing the music through headphones, you hear it through speakers.

Your sound settings are most likely incorrect. Verify that your drivers are up to date and that the appropriate sound card is selected. Also, in the Rekordbox audio settings pick your controller as the audio device.

The “mixing” knob behind the headphones controls the mix between the master and cue channels. Fix the knob to the left if you only need to listen to the cue channel. The master will be introduced from the far right (via the speakers).

There should be a small computer icon towards the top of Rekordbox to turn off the audio coming through speakers. If you turn it off, you won’t be able to hear anything from your laptop or computer speakers.

If That Doesn’t Work, Try This (Especially On Mac)

Have you hit the cueing button for the source you want to preview on your headphones? Are the headphone and master outputs in the Rekordbox settings set to the appropriate options?

Make sure the split channels setting is activated in Rekordbox’s upper right corner a small logo that looks like one arrow dividing into two. When it becomes blue, you should be able to choose between two different songs for headphones and speaker output.

Are you utilizing the splitter on your laptop’s output? Don’t use the output from your laptop. Make use of the DDJ-400’s output. Some users may also discover that their laptop is not segregating the left and right sounds for any reason.

The audio devices must be set up as follows: When cueing the song, ensure the Cue Mix is full to the left. Alternately, you may perform everything entirely through the headphones connected to your controller (there’s a knob for mixing between CUE and master).

Audio From Headphones Cut Out

Many people have noticed that their headphones’ sound is blocked until they restart Rekordbox. It happens more frequently with newer versions of Rekordbox (6.0 and later). The problem may be electrical, but it’s also possible that a preference isn’t set correctly.

  • Switch to a different pair of headphones to see whether the problem persists.
  • Examine the ports for any loose connections and the plug for any damage.

When my audio interface is bumped, this happens to me. My DDJ-1000 uses the interface to send audio to my speakers. Because the midi to USB wire is incredibly flimsy, my headphone cue is occasionally screwed up when tossed around.

Has it been exposed to liquids or electricity? In practice, keep trying to reproduce the problem under different circumstances. Does it turn off after a certain amount of time, if the volume is too high, when you use certain effects, or when you press a certain button, for example?

Rekordbox Issues With Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re new to mixing, you’re probably utilizing a new version of Rekordbox with a low-cost controller like the DDJ-400. When using Bluetooth headphones with controllers like those, it’s possible that Rekordbox won’t recognize them right away. Worse, if the Bluetooth speakers are selected as the Audio Output, headphones aren’t even an option for an output channel.

Select your Bluetooth headphones as the central output on your operating system. Choose the [headphones name] “Output audio from computers built-in speakers” option in Rekordbox and select the DDJ-400 as the central output. Also, select MASTER + Bluetooth headphones in Master Out. Make sure your headphones are connected to the DDJ.

Because Bluetooth headphones transmit music wirelessly, there is a delay. More than that, even while using a cable, certain Bluetooth headphones still have delays. This is because the sound is processed before being played.

There will be no lag if you choose your speaker directly from Rekordbox. However, serious lagging occurs when you connect to it through another driver to listen to the cue with headphones.


To conclude about Rekordbox Headphones Not Working. If you connect your controller to an amp (such as Sonos) you’ll get about 50 milliseconds of delay, which is required for buffering in the Sonos system.

You might try sending headphones out to another computer using some tools with a 50ms delay plug-in to have your cue delay the same amount as the master, but that’s tricky. There’s a better solution involving using a lip-sync corrector to provide a basic variable delay. Inspect the headphones’ cord, connector, remote, and earbuds for signs of wear or damage.

Remove any foreign objects from the meshes inside the earpieces. You can clean out the openings by cleaning them with a small, dry, soft-bristled brush to get rid of any debris. When you’re through using the headphones, please make sure to properly reconnect them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I utilize my DDJ-400 headphones?

A smaller 1/8th TRS connection connects headphones to the controller’s front. The two RCA line-level outputs labeled master on the back connect to the speakers. The red connection is for the right speaker, while the white connector is for the left.

How do you use rekordbox alone to mix headphones?

The waveforms of both tracks in the mix are displayed in Rekordbox and other DJ software. So, if you’re only mixing with headphones, you may practice matching the kick drum and snares using the visual waveform. Do not practice with that for an extended period.

Is it possible to use the DDJ-400 just with headphones?

It is technically possible to operate a DJ controller without using the RCA outputs for speakers. A DJ controller must be connected to a laptop via a USB connection. When configured appropriately, music can be played through the laptop speakers. It is also feasible to DJ using only headphones.

What are your thoughts on the DDJ 800 headphones?

Headphones connect to the front of the controller through a smaller 1/8th TRS or a bigger 1/4inch TRS connection. The main speakers are connected to the master outputs on the back, either balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA line-level outputs.

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