Warzone 16GB Vs 32GB RAM (Full Comparison)

What is difference: Warzone 16GB Vs 32GB RAM. Playing with 16GB RAM is advised for games like Call of Duty Warzone and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Warzone is a CPU and GPU-intensive game; thus, even if adding more RAM will increase performance to some level, it won’t be extremely obvious to the unaided eye. If your budget and system requirements allow it, it is therefore advised to increase your GPU rather than your RAM.

Warzone 16GB Vs 32GB RAM

Call of Duty’s performance is significantly impacted by the RAM of a PC system (COD). How much RAM does COD require, though? We have played Call of Duty Warzone on PCs for more than 3,000 hours total. Therefore we are aware that there are many concerns regarding RAM in COD. We’ll (hopefully) address all of them in one post.

Comparison Between Warzone 16GB Vs 32GB RAM

In general, 12GB of RAM ensures COD’s optimum performance. Additional RAM won’t boost performance any further. When accessing textures or rendering several objects in the field of view, less RAM can cause micro-jerks.

RAM is one element that affects how well COD and your system operate. Even if you have the most OK RAM, if another component prevents ideal performance, it won’t help you. Therefore, we’re not only discussing how much RAM COD consumes.

The type of RAM, its relationship to VRAM, and other dependencies are also relevant. The best graphics and highest framerate are everything in first-person shooter games. The more you can focus on kills, the more you can see, and the smoother the graphics are portrayed.

When Does COD + Warzone Use RAM?

Your PC RAM is crucial for loading game components frequently seen in COD. The skins for player objects, buildings, cars, and textures, for instance, must all be able to be retrieved quickly so that the appropriate image with the object may be made and presented exceptionally quickly. There are also trees, houses, and stones everywhere.

Reading the things out of RAM is a hundred times faster than repeatedly loading them from your hard drive. So it creates sense to put as much information into RAM as possible. As the game goes on, COD utilizes more and more RAM.

This is due, in part, to Windows’ poor memory management and, in part, to the fact that each map you play requires unique objects. Not to worry. Call of Duty won’t crash at any moment, even with less than 12GB of RAM. COD tries to remove outdated objects from the RAM using Windows processes if there isn’t enough RAM remaining. If this too becomes impossible, COD is compelled to load the data directly from the hard drive.

The data, which belongs in RAM, is stored on the non-removable disk in so-called “page files” and can be read out again as needed. Naturally, this takes longer than straight access to the RAM and is, in theory, an unnecessary detour. Therefore, this detour hinders the quick production of frames. As a result, your FPS rate drops.

What RAM Does COD OR Warzone Need?

In general, DDR4 RAM with an overclocked clock speed of 4000Mhz provides the best performance for COD. Low clock speed might cause micro stutters. The DDR5 next-generation RAM starts at clock speeds of 4800Mhz.

However, for COD, DDR4 at 4000Mhz is enough to prevent the RAM from acting as a performance barrier. Naturally, having more Mhz keeps you safer and better prepared for the upcoming Call of Duty installment, but the new RAM type will undoubtedly cost a premium.

Should I Better Use 32GB RAM For COD OR Warzone?

In general, 12GB of RAM provides the best performance for COD. Performance no longer improves with 16GB or even 32GB of RAM. Let’s say you play games on platforms other than COD. 32 GB of RAM may be necessary.

To stream COD to Youtube or Twitch, streamers frequently have voice changers, streaming software, equalizers, the browser Discord, and other minor programs open. Every application takes up some of the available RAM. A RAM extension can be helpful to prevent the situation mentioned above when information is written as page files from the faster hard disk to the RAM.

To Sum Up

How much RAM is needed for Warzone 16GB Vs 32GB RAM? Depending on the amount of installed software. Yes, if you only have 4 GB. No, unless you have 8 GB or more. The recommended RAM is 12 GB, with 8 GB being the minimum requirement. Does this imply that Warzone cannot be operated with less? You could attempt it with 4 GB, but it won’t be enjoyable.

Do you require more RAM than 8 GB, though? That depends on how many things are running in the background because, depending on what you’re doing, RAM capacity beyond a certain point doesn’t matter. Fortunately, gaming only truly consumes 16 GB (the exception is perhaps Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 and another game released in the future).

RAM would not be the first item I would improve if I were to make any upgrades (especially if you already have 16GB or more). In my opinion, the most significant difference in FPS will likely result from a GPU upgrade.

The cost of upgrading this is also the highest, so be sure you can afford it (Depending on what “running good” means to you). If you want more precise advice, what is your existing setup, and what do you mean by “running good” in a combat zone? (This would assist me in suggesting the most advantageous upgrade)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does RAM impact Warzone’s frame rate?

And the truth is that, in some cases, depending on your RAM capacity, adding additional RAM could raise your frame rate. A certain amount of memory is needed to run games. Games’ memory requirements can differ from one to the next.

Does more RAM result in higher FPS?

If you’re unaware, the number of full-screen images displayed in a second is known as frames per second, or FPS. Having additional RAM will assist produce more frames per second because RAM saves temporary information.

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