What Motherboard And Ram To Go With 2080Ti And 9900K?

I’ll talk about What Motherboard And Ram To Go With 2080Ti And 9900K? Even though there are a ton of motherboards on the market, you need to purchase one that can withstand the power supply and CPU temperatures during overclocking if you have a high-end CPU like this.

Therefore, using a high-end CPU like the Intel Core i9-9900K and a motherboard like the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Master, MSI GODLIKE Z390, or Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E is always a solid choice.

The motherboard is a PCB board (printed circuit board) where you must install all of your important laptop or PC components, including the processor, graphics card, RAM, and others. If you don’t select a solid basis (motherboard), none of the other components will function. Simply put, they are unable to perform at full capacity. Selecting a powerful motherboard is crucial if you want the performance, which you want, right?

What Motherboard And Ram To Go With 2080Ti And 9900K?

If you want to overclock this CPU with a high-end motherboard, you’ll need one that can manage the high power supply and CPU temperatures that come with overclocking. The Intel Core i9-9900K and other high-end CPUs work well with Motherboards like as GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Master, MSI GODLIKE Z390, and Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E.

Motherboard And Ram To Go With 2080Ti And 9900K


Overclocking is necessary if you take your gaming seriously and want to maximize the performance of expensive CPUs like the i9. The MSI Z390 Godlike is the ideal option for you because of this.

Although it is relatively pricey, I think it is well worth the cost. With the ability to deliver a maximum clock speed of 5GHz without overclocking, it is a real flagship motherboard and likely the best one.

The image demonstrates the PCB board’s stunning RGB illumination. Additionally, it supports RGB fusions, RGB CPU fans, additional RGB color profiles, addressable RGB headers, and, like other contemporary motherboards, it features a status display.

It has four dual-channel DDR4 RAM slots, with a 64 GB RAM limit. Additionally, it includes 4 built-in PCIe 3.0 slots. Don’t forget to verify whether the motherboard’s form factor is compatible with your case. The motherboard in question has an E-ATX form factor. In general, this is a good motherboard that offers exceptional performance and outstanding RGB illumination. With Mystic infinite RGB lighting, you may customize the RGB lighting in 16.8 million different colors and with 29 interesting effects.

Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390

This Maximus XI motherboard, which performs very similarly to the Z390 Godlike but is much less expensive, is also very good, especially for overclocking. The most amazing feature is that it has an inbuilt clock generator that allows for extremely small adjustments.

If you don’t know anything about overclocking, AI overclocking, another fantastic feature of this motherboard, allows you to effortlessly and, most importantly, risk-free overclock any processor. This makes this CPU, without a doubt, the ideal match for the Core i9 9900K.

Before AI overclocking, consumers were formerly urged to learn about overclocking before engaging in it. This is accurate because there is a chance that giving power at a high ratio will harm other PC components. But with Al overclocking, all you have to do is click a button, and this motherboard will take care of everything for you.

The ASUS Maximus XI Gene is, without a doubt, the best micro-ATX motherboard of 2020 (as of now). It is a suitable motherboard for the Intel Core i9 9900K thanks to the cooling features, VRM, and five-phase VRM design. Speaking about its design, this motherboard has a sharp look thanks to the fantastic Asus RGB ROG logo, and additional RGB LED strips.


With its new Z390 chipset motherboards, Gigabyte finally makes a splash after a string of lackluster goods. These motherboards are wonderful, but if you’re having trouble deciding which one to get, you can go to my list, where I’ve ranked the master motherboard in third position and the others below.

This is the motherboard for you if you want something capable of handling the i9’s power without costing as much as God.

This Z390 master motherboard from Gigabyte is a great match for a Core i9, thanks to its gorgeous RGB lighting. This motherboard’s Advanced Thermal Design and Fins-Array Heatsink make it ideal for power users like gamers.

Full-sized ATX motherboard with a 12-phase power supply is called the Gigabyte Z390 master. It already has an I/O shield installed. Speaking of RGB, this motherboard contains RGB LEDs in both of its corners, indicating that it supports RGB fusions 2.0 and RGB LED strips.


This is the motherboard for you if you’re searching for one that can handle an i9 9900K while still being stable and long-lasting. Although inexpensive, it is a fantastic option for powerful machines like the i9.

Given that it cannot deliver that much performance, it is unfair to compare this to Godlike or Maximus XI, but from the standpoint of overclocking features on a budget, it is excellent.

This motherboard’s durability, in my opinion, is its best feature. It is made for Intel Core 8th and 9th Gen processors (also supports lower). When playing games, CPUs can deliver greater frame rates.


After reading the post, What Motherboard And Ram To Go With 2080Ti And 9900K? Maybe you can decide which motherboard works best for your i9 9900K. Among the countless motherboards for the i9, these are the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 9900K require quick RAM?

Thanks to extreme performance, the Intel Core i9-9900K processor could ramp up in benchmarks at 3,000 MHz.

Does the i9 9900K support RAM at 3200 MHz?

The Intel i9-9900K supports DDR4-2666 RAM. This indicates that the i9-9900K will support RAM running at 2666 MHz. An Intel i9-9900K processor can access the RAM at 41.6 GB/s. You can attempt to install a 3200 MHz RAM module on the machine if the motherboard supports such modules.

How can I match my motherboard’s RAM?

Discover the maximum RAM speed the motherboard will support before confirming that the motherboard supports the RAM modules you wish to purchase. If your motherboard supports 4000 and operates at 2666 natively, then if you pair the i9-7900x with 4000 RAM, it will initially operate at 2666 unless you overclock it.

What is the 9900K’s maximum RAM speed?

The Core i9 9900K CPU officially supports memory rates up to 2666 MT/s when using DDR4 memory. With DDR4-2666 memory, stock DDR4 performance will operate at its highest possible speed.

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