When Will You Need 32GB RAM? Expert Guide

The question is When Will You Need 32GB RAM? Since your operating system and any other open programs, such as your browser, do not restrict your ability to create, you should have at least 8GB of RAM to avoid bottlenecks. For most use scenarios, we advise 16GB, and for more complicated games and programs, 32GB.

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When Will You Need 32GB RAM?

Because someone needs to be able to load 32GB or more of data from somewhere else (hard drive, network, created by the CPU, etc.) and then access it very quickly is the usual response to your query.

For instance, it makes perfect sense to have the entire sound database in RAM when using your computer as a virtual music instrument, such as a piano or organ with a dedicated keyboard, to shorten the time between pressing a note and the sound starting to play.

Having it in RAM eliminates the need to extract it from your hard drive, allowing the CPU to begin playing it right away. Even though the data is stored on an SSD, you may still detect the delay because the ears are much harder to trick than the eyes.

Or if you are performing complex computations, as your computer’s processing unit has to retain the intermediate findings and be able to access them for further processing swiftly.


Although 32GB of RAM is sometimes built into gaming setups, it is rarely required to run games. Although many may think this much RAM is excessive for a gaming setup, it is a useful approach to future-proof your computer so that it is prepared for games in the future. By doing so, you may efficiently plan out your RAM slots without having to update them.

Workstations or personal computers used for high-end specialized applications that require a lot of memory typically have 32GB of RAM. The most typical illustration is media editing software, which pros and amateurs utilize.

Is 32GB Of RAM Necessary For Gaming?

Even at the highest resolution settings, very few games would benefit from having 32GB of RAM. The types of games that gain from this boost in RAM frequently only exhibit slight variations. However, 32GB of RAM can allow you to work uninterruptedly in other resource-intensive software while minimizing a modern game, so it’s not necessary overkill.

When purchasing RAM for a gaming computer, the chips’ speed should be considered more. In video games, 16GB of RAM running at a fast speed will perform far better than 32GB of slow memory.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the most well-known example of a game that truly benefits from having 32GB of RAM. Players have noted a performance disparity between the 32GB listed as “optimal” and the 16GB that the official criteria prescribe.

Why Is Everyone Getting 32GB Of RAM?

Consider purchasing 32GB or more if you display huge files or perform other memory-intensive tasks.

Is 32GB Of RAM Too Much For Gaming?

Is 32 GB of memory too much for gaming? Is the price increase justified? Perhaps you want the quickest computer possible so you don’t lose a frame while playing a game or competing online. Or perhaps you want a PC capable of running both a broadcast and games without lagging.

While 16 GBs of RAM should be sufficient for most gaming-related tasks, 32 GBs can be useful for multitasking and some of the most demanding games.

What Is 32GB RAM Good For?

The field of software development is vast. A developer must simultaneously run the program they are working on and a development environment. Working on the application’s assets might require a graphical design program and a video editor.

They might need to execute the target OS in a virtual machine if the program runs on another OS. A word processor or a PDF viewer to read documentation are minor enhancements. All of this results in significant memory demands. Giving developers the computer tools they require to perform their jobs well is a bargain, considering what they are paid. (Remember to use the second monitor!)

The memory requirements for video editing keep rising as video resolutions rise. Lots of RAM will speed up and improve the efficiency of the editing software if you’re dealing with 4K (or possibly 8K!) footage.

Calculations in science can demand a lot of memory. Small RAM buffers and shifting calculations to disk were once common practices, but having loads of RAM accessible makes them much faster. Large databases are typically located on a different server. However, you might need to run a database application on your computer if you are creating one.

When businesses allocate funds for computer equipment, they frequently make poor financial decisions. The compensation for a software engineer maybe $100,000 per year, but there are fees for perks, office space, and other expenses.

How much is it worth to your work if you can increase that person’s productivity by 10% by purchasing some additional computer hardware? And yet the money people protest before spending an additional $500.

Do I Need 32GB RAM For Programming?

It depends entirely on the project you’re working on and if you’re running your build system locally or not. It might be sufficient or insufficient.

However, given that I do almost everything remotely and that 16 GB is only sufficient, I’d say it will be OK but not outstanding. In any case, if workstation performance concerns your developers, simply upgrade them. The workstation is significantly less expensive than the developer’s time; therefore, don’t squander it.

Final Summary

Examining When Will You Need 32GB RAM? requires careful consideration of the circumstances. Most gamers might say yes, but we’ve learned when it might be appropriate and even required in certain situations. Size does count when it comes to memory. You need enough to prevent stuttering or crashes, but you shouldn’t buy too much that the cost outweighs the value and performance.

By taking the time to achieve this balance, you may allocate your budget where it is most required to maximize each dollar you spend. However, doing this study will eventually save you time and money, so depending on the workstation you plan to create, we advise reading the abovementioned article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 32GB of RAM too much?

32GB of RAM ought to be adequate for practically all laptop-related tasks. With 32GB, you can avoid having your new gadget suffer from poor speeds caused by running out of RAM. This is crucial for folks who use their laptops for tasks that require additional computing power.

Does 16GB of RAM suffice in place of 32GB?

For most daily computing tasks, 16GB of RAM will be sufficient, while 32GB will allow you to run more apps and tabs simultaneously. You decide, and it’s probably a good bet that websites will continue to require more RAM over time.

Does having additional RAM boost FPS?

If you’re unaware, the number of full-screen images displayed in a second is known as frames per second, or FPS. Having additional RAM will assist produce more frames per second because RAM saves temporary information.

Is 64GB of RAM a lot?

Perhaps. 64GB is too much for gamers; 16GB will be enough for new upcoming games. What else is taking up memory on your computer that you might need? Browsers can take up a lot of space, especially if many tabs are open and plugins loaded.

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