Which Laptop Is The Best For Data Entry Freelancing Work?

Do you intend to purchase a brand-new laptop for either full or part-time data entry, and want to know Which Laptop Is The Best For Data Entry Freelancing Work? You will require a laptop with a backlit keyboard and a medium system configuration.

The most important thing to look for in a laptop before using it for data entry is longer battery life. This implies that you may perform additional tasks, including creating papers, setting up software, and more.

You should also consider the price if you purchase for a family member, your workplace, or a new company. Best wishes for assistance in creating passive income and future success. Below are some choices for the top laptops for data entry in the current year.

Which Laptop Is The Best For Data Entry Freelancing Work?

Apple MacBook Pro, Dell Gaming G3 15 3500, ASUS VivoBook 15, Flagship Dell Inspiron, LG Gram 17Z90P, and Apple MacBook Pro MPTT2LL/A are the best laptops for data entry freelancing work.

Laptop Is The Best For Data Entry Freelancing Work

Laptop Requirements For Data Entry Freelancing Work

You should purchase a laptop for freelance work and pay attention to a few things.

  • You should purchase a budget laptop if you are starting.
  • Additionally, your laptop’s RAM needs to be at least 4GB. If you have extra money to spend, get a computer with 8GB of RAM. Also, consider whether the computer can be upgraded in the future because this will be helpful.
  • Its core processor must be a Core-I3 or Core-I5 at the very least, and generation is important; thus, gen. eighth or seventh should be.
  • Hard drives must be 500 GB or 1 TB in size, and if you have additional funds, you should choose a solid-state drive (SSD), which is faster than a hard disk.
  • It must also be considered what type of CPU it is; I believe it should be DDR3 or DDR4.
  • And finally, if you want a laptop with a graphics card for better speed and a better user experience.

I addressed every issue that had to be resolved for you to purchase a laptop with everything indicated above.

What Is The Best Laptop Configuration For Heavy Excel Use?

With all due respect, the other answers to this topic provide laptop configurations that would be excellent for general applications requiring a powerful computer. However, Excel is different, so applying that suggestion won’t result in the improvements you were hoping for. What to do instead:

  • Install Office 64-bit. Excel is available for installation as a 32-bit or 64-bit program. The “bitness” of all other Office applications, such as Visio and Project, must be consistent. For years, 32-bit was the standard, but 64-bit became an option with Excel 2010 and has since been the standard for Microsoft 365. It’s crucial since 32-bit Excel’s open workbooks, add-ins, and apps all share a limited 4 GB memory pool. No of how much RAM your machine has, 32-bit Excel can never consume more than 4 GB. In contrast, 64-bit Excel can utilize up to 8000 GB, which is more than you or I could reasonably consume for at least the foreseeable future. Verify the file version you have there. Count items in the Excel ribbon. Uninstall Office if it’s 32-bit, then reinstall it using 64-bit. Settings or emails won’t be lost throughout this procedure.
  • Implement Microsoft 365. Since 2017, Microsoft has invested in enhancing Excel’s reliability and speed. Lookup formulae can be up to a thousand times quicker. Sorting and filtering are both quicker. According to telemetry, Microsoft 365 has fewer crashes, hangs, and freezes than any other Excel version.
  • Get a big external monitor if you can afford one. Spreadsheets occupy a lot of space, particularly if you have several open worksheets and possibly a VBA editor. You should unquestionably purchase a laptop with a 15 or 16-inch screen.
  • Use a mouse instead of your laptop’s trackpad by turning it off. I haven’t been particularly impressed by Windows trackpads because they have issues moving the cursor when they detect the heel of my hand.
  • Workbooks should be optimized. If you’re searching for methods to speed up Excel, it’s nearly a given that your workbook’s design and formulas are to blame.
  • Have you noticed that I haven’t mentioned the type of CPU, the number of cores, or the megahertz? If you choose that option in File, Excel’s worksheet user interface will be able to utilize multiple cores. Options… Advanced… Formulas are collective. However, because VBA only supports one thread, it can only use one core or CPU.

Will using an i7 or i9 CPU with four or more cores result in an improvement? You will. But the improvement will be far less compared to the other things mentioned above. My typical techniques for workbook optimization are as follows:

  • Removing volatile formulations (ones using OFFSET, INDIRECT, RAND and the like)
  • Instead of using array expressions that operate on complete columns, use auxiliary columns
  • If the scrollbar journey leads you well beyond the extent of your data, delete any unnecessary
  • Storing your data in tables and conducting analysis using pivot tables rather than formulas
  • Utilizing Power Query (started on the Data.
  • Use the ribbon (Get & Transform) to import and condition your data.

You would get greater performance if you took my advice and optimized Excel on an old laptop retrieved from the secretarial pool rather than purchasing an extremely powerful laptop and sticking with your current procedures.

My Excel runs in a virtual machine on a five-year-old Mac notebook without any performance issues. Customers and users that ask questions on support forums frequently want assistance in making Excel run more quickly. I typically anticipate at least a ten-fold speed boost after addressing performance obstacles.

What Is An Inexpensive Laptop Model That I Could Use For Data Entry And Social Media?

They advise purchasing a secondhand ThinkPad for less than $300 and replacing the hard drive with a solid-state drive. They provide options for 3, 5, 800, and if you’ve got that much to spend, a thousand dollars. They also continue if you’re reading this and seeking advice on gaming laptops. Good fortune!

Which Laptop Is Best For Excel?

More so, it relies on the type of employment you do. For instance, Excel may be used on low-end or entry-level computers with 4 GB of RAM and high-end laptops.

However, if you use it frequently, such as processing huge data files, with more demanding computations and graphs, you would need a better laptop with a stronger CPU processor and more RAM.

You should be fine with a basic laptop if you use it for very easy jobs or tiny files. Currently, the average laptop has an i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM, but if you can, try to get a laptop with 16 GB of RAM and a faster processor.


The suggestion is to look for Which Laptop Is The Best For Data Entry Freelancing Work? A keyboard with a numeric keypad is one that I concur with. Not the QWERTY keys, but a different set of numbers, like a telephone. The numeric keypad speeds up data entry and, if you know their ASCII key codes, can be utilized to access special characters.

For instance, pressing ALT + 0176 on the numeric keypad will create the character ° in any Windows application. For this reason, the numbers above QWERTY are useless. I’ve committed to memory the ASCII key codes for six special characters that I use frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of computer do I require to enter data?

You don’t need a lot of RAM or other expensive desktop add-ons when using the computer for data entry. Therefore, any desktop computer with a Dual Core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and a 15-inch display is suitable for the job.

How much RAM will I need to analyze data?

Key Specs. I believe that, in the following order of significance, you should look for in a data science computer: adequate RAM. An absolute minimum of 16GB of RAM is required. If you can obtain it, 32GB can be really helpful, and if you need a laptop to last three years, I’d suggest you want 32GB or at the very least the option to increase to 32GB later.

Can I freelance while on the go?

You can do all that and more with the Freelancer mobile app. accessible to iOS and Android users. These are just a few of the mobile apps you may want to look into to make working and collaborating with independent contractors easier for you. Some of these might even be something you already do.

How do I enter data on a laptop?

Master the use of the numeric keypad. Learn how to use spreadsheets, word processing, and database applications well. Possess grammatical and punctuation proficiency. Become familiar with using common office tools like computers, scanners, copiers, printers, and calculators. Become more proficient at data entry and keyboarding.

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