Why Didn’t Apple Build Its Search Engine?

Let’s get started with Why Didn’t Apple Build Its Search Engine? Google and Apple worked together. Even the executive chairman of Alphabet Inc., Eric Schmidt, served on the Apple board of directors. Their products worked well together.

They might concentrate on their assets. They didn’t have to make similar things twice. Google later released Android, though. It was too late for Apple to create its search engine at that point. At that time, Google had years of expertise in that area.

Apple starts developing the next generation of search. This wager is difficult and dangerous. A long-term plan. Voice assistants could be thought of as the search engines of the future. Apple is doing well in that competition.

Why Didn’t Apple Build Its Search Engine?

Apple does have a search engine of its own. It is the search engine that drives searches on Apple Spotlight and Siri. Apple would only consider developing its search engine if an antitrust probe found the Google-Apple partnership unlawful. If this were to happen, Apple would have no reason not to create “Apple Search” or whatever the name of its search engine.

Apple Build Its Search Engine

While Apple could potentially make more money with its engine, the Cupertino-based company feels it would be too risky reached to the money it is already making by essentially doing nothing. The Cupertino-based company earns between 10 and 15 billion dollars annually by making Google the default search engine in Safari.

Apple Is Hiring Search Engineers

The fact that Apple is seeking to hire search engineers in a variety of capacities is widely known. These positions generally focus around enhancing general search, Siri search, machine learning in search, text-based search, and artificial intelligence in search, search ads, and search quality. You can view this for yourself by following this link.

Many of these jobs are related to Maps, Siri, and the App Store, but not all of them. Additionally, it stands to reason that Apple wouldn’t post a job listing with the description “Need engineers for secret Apple Search Engine project,” given the way it conducts business.

The details of these positions are still somewhat unclear, but one thing is certain: Apple is investing in search and wants to hire new expertise in this area.

Spotlight Search Stops Using Google

Google has been Apple’s chosen search engine for Spotlight and Siri searches since 2017. You may search for applications, files, and online results using Spotlight, an underutilized feature of iOS. Before this summer, Spotlight and Siri would access Google results and let you tap on them to access Google Search results.

This has changed in iOS 14 (likely due to improvements with AppleBot). Instead of going to Google, you will see pages, articles, and photographs in Siri or Spotlight Search. Even though it may seem like a minor adjustment, it demonstrates Apple’s shift away from relying heavily on Google Search.

Why Would Apple Want A Search Engine Of Its Own?

A search engine was available on Apple long before Google. Since Windows did not have this feature back then and still does not have it now, Apple’s first search engine was limited to searching the internals of its storage system (hard disk drive).

The Apple Sherlock search engine, improved in 1997, concurrently searched the internal Mac storage system and the Internet.

Apple replaced Sherlock in 2004 with Spotlight, which improved internal and Internet search by adding specialized search modules (dictionary, etc.) Siri, a voice recognition function that integrates with Spotlight to conduct searches on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad as well as the Internet, was added by Apple in 2011.

Apple eventually released its AppleBots. Like Google and Microsoft have spiders to “crawl” the web and conduct true Internet searches, AppleBots are “spiders” that do just that. Siri and Spotlight receive their Internet search information from AppleBots.

Apple doesn’t merely display its search results on a website; instead, it integrates the findings directly into its customers’ goods, such as the Apple Watch. The true mystery is why nobody knows Apple had search software and services in the 1980s. And Appel has been doing research even before Google?

Would “Apple Search” Change SEO Practices?

It’s hard to predict how an Apple search engine would affect SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a set of techniques to rank your content higher on Google Search. As an illustration, I frequently use the keywords “Apple search engine” in this post so that you can discover it if you search with those terms.

Since Google dominates the search engine market by a margin of 95%, Google Search is the center of the SEO universe. The SEO industry will alter if Google changes how it ranks pages.

Apple’s search engine would need to employ quite different ranking strategies from Google if it were to alter how the SEO industry functions dramatically. The information we have on AppleBot suggests that this is improbable.

Although they wouldn’t be the same, I doubt Apple would employ a technique so novel as to necessitate the existence of “Google SEO” and “Apple SEO.”


So, Why Didn’t Apple Build Its Search Engine? Look into what is involved because Google is the gold standard for search engines. You can Google all the information you can discover on your new dog thanks to Google’s numerous data centers, each of which can house megacraptons of data and use megacraptons of bandwidth. Or hunt down that obscure film quotation.

This is not a simple task, and the only reason Google does it is to collect information about the topics you find interesting enough to search for and monetize that information to sell it to advertising.

To attempt to compete with Google on that level would require a significant investment, and a company that sells privacy does not advance its main business by selling user data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Apple develop a search engine of its own?

Apple is to introduce a new user-focused online search. However, Apple intends to wait until January 2023 before operationalizing the search engine. Tech blogger Robert Scoble has broken down the list of things Apple is anticipated to present at WWDC 2023.

How much did Google pay Apple to be the iPhone’s default search engine?

According to a 2020 New York Times article, Apple obtains $8–12 billion annually in exchange for setting Google as the default search engine on its iPhones. One analyst estimates that Google may have paid Apple $15 billion in 2021 to keep the status quo.

Is Google superior to Safari?

Safari is a better option if you fully rely on Apple products. It isn’t easy to surpass the Handoff feature, and having additional security for your transactions is wonderful. If you have other Android or Windows devices in your home, you should probably open Chrome.

Which internet search engine does Apple suggest?

Spotlight is seamlessly incorporated into the operating system as a real all-purpose search engine. The only difference between Apple and Google, and Microsoft is that Apple doesn’t force its search bar into visibility, whereas Android and Windows do.

Does Google fall short of Apple?

Although Android continues to dominate the market, data from StockApps shows that iOS has been edging out Android in recent years. Android has a 77.32 percent market share for mobile operating systems as of July 2018. Four years later, though, that percentage has decreased to 69.74 percent.

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