Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping? (Reasons + Solution)

One of the potential causes of Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping? Could be a dead battery. Replacing the battery with the one advised by the manufacturer of the hoverboard is the simplest way to fix this problem.

Most hoverboards have alarm systems and indicator lights to tell you when the battery needs charging or when you may no longer be on a safe surface. These built-in safety features protect you against situations when the hoverboard might not work properly, which can also increase the risk of danger or injury.

Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping?

One of the little modern vehicles is the hoverboard. They do, however, have several shortcomings that may cause you problems. Using hoverboards in the rain or water is not advisable because most are water-resistant rather than waterproof.

My Hoverboard Beeping

However, there are some circumstances where you cannot protect your hoverboard from moisture or water, causing it to become wet and cease beeping. Let’s talk about the potential causes of this specific issue, and I’ll explain how to fix them.

If your Hoverboard becomes wet and won’t stop beeping, immediately switch it off by clicking the power button or unplugging the battery. Now soak up all the water or moisture inside and outside, and try it out.

If it continues to beep, calibrate it by holding down the power button for ten seconds. This is the easiest answer you can try to fix your beeping hoverboard. If the Hoverboard continues to beep and it doesn’t operate.

It denotes that the water has harmed its components, and you must try different remedies. Here is a comprehensive guide on solving this issue, including some quick fixes and typical issues that make wet hoverboards beep.

Reasons Why Your Hoverboard Beeping?

An Unsteady Surface

Because the floor isn’t always level and is sometimes slanted more than 15 degrees forward or backward, the hoverboard will occasionally stop beeping. Additionally, it will be because the self-balancing scooter is parked on a steeper than 30 degrees slope. Move to a place with a level, easy floor to resolve this issue.

High Speed

Driving a skateboard becomes risky if you go faster than the hoverboard’s top speed. Because of this, they have a protection feature triggered by going faster than the speed limit. When the speed gets too rapid, the circuit board will start to lag and beep to let you know. Altering the hoverboard’s speed cap is another tactic. Changing from infant mode to adult mode, for instance.

Low Power

Your hoverboard’s green light will flash when the battery level falls below 20%. If the red light flashes, your battery’s life expectancy is critically low, and you should recharge it immediately. Avoid using the hoverboard if you see any of those lights; instead, recharge it as usual.

Why Is My Jetson Hoverboard Beeping?

The device is beeping because the battery is getting low. Your Jetson hoverboard will beep to let you know when the battery is low. If this is the case, ensure the battery indicator lights are on at the top. Some of our models have a single battery indicator light.

Why Is My Gotrax Hoverboard Beeping?

Both universal explanations for hoverboard beeping and explanations specific to your type of Gotrax hoverboard exist. First, look at the general troubleshooting advice we’ve provided, or click here to see the warning signs unique to your model of the Gotrax hoverboard.

Your Gotra hoverboard is likely beeping because it needs to be charged. Many of the hoverboards by Gotrax contain a battery indicator light that also serves as a charging status indicator. Additionally, beeping can signify unequal pressure on a hoverboard’s sensors. For instance, some versions of hoverboards may beep if you only stand on one foot.

Additionally, many hoverboards frequently beep when they hit their top speed, are tipped too far forward or backward, or achieve an excessively steep inclination. To address these widespread problems, You need to set your Gotrax hoverboard down on a flat surface and slow down. 

How To Fix My Hoverboard Beeping?

You must place the hoverboard in an open area or storage if it keeps beeping and won’t shut off so that the skateboard’s battery can be completely discharged. Additionally, this may take some time. When the battery energy is zero, the hoverboard will mechanically close down.

All left is to find a wall outlet and a charger so you can recharge the hoverboard for two to three hours. When you turn on the energy transfer once the hoverboard has been charged, you can find it functioning normally. Common and useful methods to control the hoverboard from beeping are as follow:

Method 1

This is the simplest and most commonplace approach to repairing a hoverboard, and you can easily do it yourself. Here are the instructions for resetting your hoverboard.

  • The foot pedals must be modified to ensure they are level with the ground.
  • The power button must then be pressed and held for 10 seconds. LED illumination will flash when you do that, and an additional beep may play.
  • Until it shuts off, keep tapping the energy button. Let it off for a short while.
  • To turn on the board, press the power button a second time.
  • The clever stability wheel is probably ready to go for a ride at this point.

If not, repeat the calibration process a few times to fully reset and calibrate the system. The majority of five situations are advised.

Method 2: Fixing The Loose Wires

  • Again, turning off the device is the first step.
  • The next step is to remove the tiny screws that have been placed all over the self-balancing scooter.
  • You will see cables for the hall and electricity when you slowly open it.
  • You should now check two things: first, whether the line is free, and second, whether the wires aren’t clipped in.
  • Pulling the wire(s) out and then pushing them back in can fix the problem if it is the wire(s) clipping.
  • If the line is free and you wish to disconnect it, you can push the clip a little bit outside using a pen or pencil before reconnecting it.
  • A touch sound will tell you whether you probably did it correctly in each situation.
  • Efficiently matching the wire colors, you must also re-join the road in every situation.
  • Re-adjust the hoverboard, tighten the screws, and power it on.

Method 3: Contact Supplier

If the hoverboard is still covered by the warranty and is experiencing this beeping issue, contact your dealer’s customer service and ask them to help.

Method 4: Send A Nearby Store Your Hoverboard

If the warranty on your hoverboard has expired, your only options for repair are to do it yourself or send it to a nearby repair facility. Typically, the beeping issue can be resolved by installing a brand-new motherboard.


The same rules apply to hoverboards as to other electric vehicles. They malfunction, break down, and are easily repairable. Beeping is the typical issue that most users have with their hoverboard.

Hoverboards beep when certain sensors, electric components, batteries, or motherboards are not operating properly. This is especially true when you take your hoverboard outside, and it gets wet for whatever reason.

When a hoverboard beeps, it’s a warning sign that anything is wrong and the rider shouldn’t continue. Since all hoverboards have the same parts inside, water can harm anything once it gets there.

Due to the Hoverboard’s water damage, I wrote a repair manual for each component. The Hoverboard should be promptly turned off by pressing the power button to cease the beeping. It will prevent harm to the other components.

This thorough instruction should help you fix Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping? This tutorial contains several explanations for the beeping sound and solutions to the problems they raise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Jetson hoverboard reset?

All that is necessary is to hold down the power button for three to five seconds. (Pressing the button for 15 seconds is necessary for the Jetson Sphere Hoverboard.) Release the power button after your hoverboard indicates that calibration is complete.

Why is the red light flashing and beeping on my hoverboard?

If your hoverboard features a red light that beeps when the battery level falls below 20% and a green light that blinks, there are a few things to remember. You only need to charge your hoverboard normally in any scenario.

How can my hoverboard be reset?

Hold down the hoverboard’s power button for ten seconds. Ignore all beeps and flashing lights for the next ten seconds. Let go of the hoverboard’s power button to switch it off at this point. Now that it has been powered down, the hoverboard has been reset and is prepared to be turned on.

Why does my hoverboard keep beeping but won’t shut off?

The internal circuits are broken if you turn on your gadget, and nothing happens. Any worn-out or damaged components on your board can be swiftly and easily replaced with one of our hoverboard repair kits. The device’s bottom has 15 to 20 screws that need to be removed before you can find the battery and stop the beeping.

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