Which GPU Is Good For 3D Animation Gtx1650 Vs RTX 3050?

Although the GTX 1660 is the entry-level flagship of the most recent Turing family of graphics cards, most low-budget PC gamers cannot afford them. Contrarily, the GTX 1650 is priced at $149, which is more competitively priced. But Which GPU Is Good For 3D Animation Gtx1650 Vs RTX 3050?

The xx50 series of graphics cards from NVIDIA has always been known for their affordable costs and performance that rivals entry-level cards, especially when overclocked. We thoroughly tested the Turing graphics card inside the GTX 1650 and are confident that it will keep the trend going.

This GTX 1650 surpasses its direct predecessor, the GTX 1050, by two percent in terms of specifications. In contrast to the GTX, the 1050s has 3 GB of video memory; the GTX 1650 boasts 4 GB of RAM.

Which GPU Is Good For 3D Animation Gtx1650 Vs RTX 3050?

I advise choosing the RTX series because it has ray tracing. If you’re considering 3D animation, avoid Titan or Tesla since they are gaming GPUs. The greatest option for inexpensive animation is the GTX 16 series. However, I do not suggest it for rendering.

GPU Is Good For 3D Animation Gtx1650 Vs RTX 3050

GTX 1650

The GTX 1650 can still play most recent games, but you need to lower the settings to maintain higher framerates. There are a few upgrade possibilities if maintaining graphics quality settings closer to super or high is critical.

The GTX 1650 offers a great price/performance ratio compared to other low-cost graphics cards. Compared to other mid-range, affordable cards, the GTX 1650 offers a good price/performance ratio. The GTX 1650 has acceptable power requirements and is quite efficient compared to the competition.

The GTX 1650’s cooling system does a great job keeping the maximum load temperature cool and under control. The GTX 1650 can experience very few memory-related bottlenecks in more recent games, thanks to its 4096 MB RAM at the moment.


The GTX 1650 outperforms the two-year-old NVIDIA 1050 by about 52 percent. It has a TU117 CPU or Processor, a scaled-down version of the TU116 in the GTX 1660, and is based on the most recent Turing architecture. 1650 contains 4GB of GDDR5 memory that can operate up to 8Gbps, 896 NVIDIA CUDA Cores, and a base/boost speed of 1485/1665 MHz.

The basic version uses only 75W of power; however, higher power variations also offer more overclocking opportunities. This card, which has a price of USD 150, is the most affordable Turing-based graphics card currently available.

However, in the budget market, where “value for money” is king, AMD’s two-year-old RX 570 8GB frequently comes in for less money and outperforms 1650 by about 15%. It also has double the memory, making it more future-proof. To entice budget gamers to the GTX 1650, NVIDIA will need to offer considerable price reductions.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 / Core i9-10900K

The RTX 3050 is a high-end card that is substantially more powerful, capable of running AAA games at 1080p/1440p with 50–60 fps per second. Compared to other mid-range, low-cost cards, the RTX 3050 offers a good price/performance ratio.

The RTX 3050 has reasonable power needs and is quite efficient compared to the competitors. The performance is outstanding, and there’s no denying this is one of the most powerful single GPUs available in 2022. The RTX 3050 can experience very few memory-related issues in more recent games because of its 4096 MB RAM at the moment.


The RTX 3050 is constructed using the Ampere architecture from NVIDIA. Ray-tracing is now accessible on a base-level (50-series) card for the first time. For a performance impact, the second-generation ray-tracing cores can be activated for more accurate light modeling.

The 3050 has 8 GB of the most recent GDDR6 memory, 2560 CUDA cores, a boost clock frequency of 1.78 GHz, and NVIDIA’s DLSS technology, which takes advantage of the 3050’s tensor cores to scale up resolutions while preserving high frame rates and without noticeably lowering image quality.

The 3050 also comes with an encoder (NVENC) for images that are clearer and capture that is more fluid while recording or streaming. Entry-level versions have an MRSP of USD 249, but street costs are more like USD 600.

While street pricing for the 3050 is 100% more, early benchmarks reveal that it only performs about 35% quicker than AMD’s 6500 XT overall. Regardless of price, many seasoned users have no desire to purchase AMD graphics cards. AMD’s primitive marketing strategies appear to be coming back to haunt them.

Millions of users bought inferior goods due to their blatant dominance of social media sites like YouTube and Reddit. Experienced players are all too aware that high average frame rates are useless in the presence of stutters, unpredictable crashes, excessive noise, and a constrained feature set.


In conclusion Which GPU Is Good For 3D Animation Gtx1650 Vs RTX 3050? This RTX 3050 surpasses its direct predecessor, the GTX 1650, by offering a 2 percent increase in framerate. The RTX 3050 outperforms the GTX 1650 and, amazingly, the GTX 1660 in our synthetic benchmarks.

Fortunately, the game experience was fairly good. The RTX 3050 consistently outperforms the GTX 1650 in terms of frame rate, which fully supports an upgrade. We could play Borderlands 3, Anthem, Need for Speed: Heat, Cause 4, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider at frames ranging from 61 to 76 fps for 1080p Full HD and maintained frame rates at roughly 69 fps.

As ray tracing is becoming increasingly important, I recommend the RTX series. Titan and Tesla are gaming GPUs. Hence they shouldn’t be considered for 3D animation. The GTX 16 series is your best low-cost animation alternative. Yet, it is not something I recommend using in a rendered form.

Frequently Asked Questions

RTX 3050 or GTX 1650: Which is superior?

The findings below demonstrate that the RTX 3050 is the superior card. The synthetic and real-world gaming benchmarks showed improved performance, with double-digit percentage gains.

Is RTX 3050 a superior GPU vs GTX?

In the end, the new Nvidia RTX 3050 provides 1080p performance comparable to the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti at a similarly attractive price. The 3050 also uses extra capabilities like ray tracing and DLSS, which can enhance aesthetics and provide a more streamlined performance.

Does it make sense to upgrade from 1650 to 3050?

Of course, it’s worthwhile. The RTX 3050 benefits DLSS, which increases framerate utilizing AI. For contemporary gaming, it also provides Ray Tracing. For both GPUs, the temperature differential is essentially the same.

an RTX 3050, will there be one?

On January 27, 2022, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 went on sale for $249. Sadly, overwhelming demand caused it to sell out quickly, making it difficult to find in stock, like the other graphics cards in the RTX 30-series.

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